Mar 052012

I finally have a treadmill!!! No thanks to for not providing my phone number to Fed Ex

Building the treadmill

who tried to contact them three times!  No thanks to Icon Service for packing my treadmill with THE WRONG USER MANUAL.  No thanks to ProForm for repeatedly trying to get me to download the same, wrong user manual over and over.  But THANK YOU to the other people on in the user forums that bought the treadmill, figured out it was the wrong manual and how to specifically ask for the right from from Icon Service and THANK YOU to the supervisor at Icon Service who emailed me the right manual.  And HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my boyfriend for putting it together!!!!!















I’m down 23.5 lbs officially with Slimgenics….we just got done with a “Biogenic Week” which is 5 days of very low carbs (like only about 200 calories worth a day)…but larger protein servings than normal. Also no club soda, no clear diet soda, no mustard…no extras…just protein, greens, 100 calorie snacks (2 a day).  Then after that we had two days (over the weekend) of Fresh Start days which is a lot like Atkins…as much green raw veggies, fat free dressing, oil, butter and protein as we could eat!  During this Biogenic Week…most people lose basically nothing….well I lost 3/4 lb….and Ryan LOST 4 lbs! That bastard! LOL!

I’ve also been able to dig out a few more tops from my “too small” bin which is awesome, yay for more choices! NSVs baby! I’m enjoying wearing one of my favorite going out shirts again that has a bit of sparkle!

I had an AMAZING sashimi entree at Raku in Edina on Friday night with my girlfriends, check this out:

Tri Color Sashimi - Raku, Edina


Ryan and I are super into green monster shakes to get our veggies in!  Heck if I can drink a yummy shake with 2 servings of spinach in it, I’m all for it!  They are easy to make, pretty easy to clean up and TASTY.  Right now we make them with 2 cups of raw baby spinach leaves, a liquid like Diet Berry 7up or Diet Cherry 7up, and fruit like blueberries or strawberries. Sometimes when I want protein I use plain fat free greek yogurt. I also will put Stevia in there depending on the fruit or if I’m using greek yogurt.  Right now I can’t have bananas or peanut butter, but I can’t wait to incorporate those after Slimgenics.

Putting together a blueberry green monster shake


Ground Turkey Casserole


For dinner tonight I made Ryan and I a casserole so to speak.  I sauteed together celery, green onion and ground turkey.  Then, I combine that in a casserole dish with creamy chicken noodle soup mix and chopped up mushrooms.  That’s all I did for today, but sometimes I also, at this point add in 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.  Then, I bake it for half an hour to solidify it up!  This time since I didn’t put the rice in, Ryan ate his with a piece of toast to scoop it up!






Then, with the other half of the package of ground turkey I made sloppy joe for lunches tomorrow with some chili sauce mix and red peppers mixed in to ground turkey!

Sloppy Joe


So….other than that, my 5K class with the Running Room is over and we are finishing up with the 100% Irish for a Day 5K on Saturday (10th)!  Its over at Lake Harriet and I will be running the entire race at one of my slower paces because all this training I’ve been doing is ACTUALLY in preparation for the Get Lucky 7K on St. Patrick’s Day!  So excited for some running coming up!  I

That’s about it for me for now!

<3 Merbear

5K Running Class

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Jan 082012

I signed up for a 5K class! Those of you that have been reading know that I did Couch to 5K already, but I mostly did it alone and mostly on the treadmill.  I’m able to finish a 5k…but my times get worse #1 when I go outside and #2 now that its cold.  The two 5Ks I just did were both over 40 minutes, mostly because of me not being used to being outside, especially in winter.

I signed up for a 5K training class that is put on by The Running Room.  They are all over the US and Canada, so perhaps you have heard of them!  I’m going to a class in the uptown location right by me in Minneapolis, MN.

During the class we get a mini seminar first at 10am on Saturday mornings, about different running topics like shoes, clothes, pacing, hearing from an expert, etc.  Then, we do our interval run. We need to do two runs every week on our own as well so we can be prepared for the intervals.

I loved being surrounded by a group of runners with the same goal as me…finishing a 5K well! Everyone in the group already knows how to run “or else they would have taken the ‘Learn to Run’ class.” They are also all interested in conditioning for outdoor winter running.  Heck, if I get the winter running down, summer will be easy!

My next race is actually a 7K on St. Patricks Day, March 17th.  But, I know if I work hard at this class, adding another 2K (about a mile and a half) will be fine. Plus, as I’m doing this training the weather should be getting better (as we get into March) AND I will be losing weight with Slimgenics (will talk about more in my next post). So, running should be getting easier for multiple reasons…breathing outside, getting oxygen pumped around my shrinking body, and increasing intervals.  I’m so excited for this!

In our first class we walked out the door of The Running Room and down to Lake of the Isles, we did 5 min run/1 min walk, 4 intervals, turned around in the middle.  We’ll keep using Lake of the Isles for awhile, so at least we’ll get used to the terrain.  The path had a few icy patches, so we’re getting our footing with that as well.  This week our “homework” is to do 7 min run/1 min walk…at any pace we want. I will do my best to keep up with the group’s pace, which was about 13 min/mile for the running…I’ll be trying to do those outside, but if I can’t…I’ll definitely be on the treadmill. But at least every Saturday I’ll be outside running at the lake with my class.

Thought I’d give you guys an update! If you are interested in learning more about the class check out The Running Room!

<3 Mer

**Oh, just thought I”d mention the Running Room doesn’t know I’m writing about them and they haven’t encouraged me to write about them or compensated me in any way**