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Jan 182012

Hey folks! Just a little mid-week check in!

I wanted to share some of the foodage that I’ve been eating lately with Slimgenics that I like! I’ve only been on the plan for a week and a half (lost 8.5 lbs so far!) and we already repeated one of the recipes (there are tons to choose from) cuz we like it so much!

Curry Chicken!




This was all sauteed together. – 2 sliced tomatoes, about 10 chopped up green onions (just the white/light green parts), 12 ozs of chicken sliced up, 2 TBS parsley flakes, curry powder, salt and a Slimgenics chicken soup mix (could be regular dry chicken soup mix when we’re done with slimgenics) and about an ounce of water at the end to thicken up the sauce.







Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is an unlimited drink and I really needed some today at work…I was freezing and sick feeling (got a cold)…mmm this is lemon tea!

Strawberry Creme Soda!


A yummy dessert I made of one of my Slimgenics Thermo Snacks this evening was a strawberry creme soda! Its basically a dry strawberry smoothie mix that I mixed with water and Diet 7up!










<3 Merbear