Mar 182012

This weekend was wonderful….the weather, a run and relaxing.

I started out my weekend with a yummy dinner at Tavern on France with my friends. They have a tasty build your own salad there so I can make it right on plan with Slimgenics. On top of the big base of romaine lettuce I chose to skip the cheese and “crunch” choices. I did choose to have grilled portabello mushrooms and beef tenderloin slices 🙂 I also ordered a side dish of roasted red potatoes, mmmm!

We decided to grab lattes and gather around a BONFIRE, yes a bonfire in my back yard, in March at night! It was around 74 degrees at 10pm, yay!


I cashed it in early though so I could get up at 7am for the Get Lucky 7K! The day was beautiful and the race route was two, we started in downtown Minneapolis and ran over the Mississippi twice. The race had something like 7,000 runners! I ran the whole thing, but very slowly. But I did it! I’ve never run further than a 5K, not even in a practice run! I came in under 60 minutes, which I thought rocked for me! I kept within a 13:30 min mile. I finished and I got my medal. Next race: 6 miles of the Minneapolis Marathon for my portion of the relay.


For St. Patrick’s Day I wanted to enjoy a green drink, but this year I wanted it to be healthy and I wanted to refuel from after my run, too! So I had a GREEN monster shake! Two cups of spinach, about 12 strawberries, a dash of stevia about 3 ounces of Diet Cherry 7UP and its Healthy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Oh, also for a progress update, I’m down 27 3/4 lbs! Woohoo!

<3 Merbear