Weight Watcher’s Active Link Is Pretty Cool!

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Nov 232012

Hey friends!

My first week at Weight Watcher’s I was up 1.2 lbs….but, per my previous post..Lessons were learned! So, moving on!

I finished my 8 day Active Link assessment and it was spot on in my opinion. The Active Link called me an “Occasional Athlete” haha! Makes sense, when I do a workout..I really push myself, but some days I do nothing, and when its not a workout day I am a total lazy butt!!

I wear mine on my bra strap/tank top strap:

Wearing my Active Link


So, this awesome little thing calculates the activity points I’m earning through out the day and then I just plug it in to my USB port and it loads the points I earned  right into my tracker….so easy! So that’s the main reason I got it.

But….its cool, cause after the assessment it gave me a 12 week challenge to help me “ramp up” to earning 4 points a day! It lights up during the day to show how close to my daily goal I get. This is where it gets even better…so today, it was around 8pm and I have had kind of a lazy bum day besides cleaning the bathtub.  I figured I got some activity for cleaning the tub..so I checked out the Active Link to see how awful I had done today, haha…I was actually 75% to goal!  I guess walking around doing Black Friday shopping and the little dusting and clean up I’ve done around the house really added up.

So, what did I do? Did I say “meh its a rest day”…nope! I love me a challenge!! I did some jumping jacks and ran up and down the stairs.  Checked the Active Link again..ooh…it was in the 100% box blinking that means I had gotten into the last 25% of 100%….so I jumped on the bed, did some jumping jacks again and some crunches…checked again….darn…still in the home stretch but not to 100% yet.  25 more jumping jacks…changed the cat litter as fast as I could (lots of digging for gold, kinda intense! haha!)….checked again..BOOM! 100%

Yayayaya! I plugged my Active Link into my USB and boom! 101% of goal…2 activity points for the day! On a rest day! woop woop! 🙂

I’m excited to earn my points in my workout tomorrow (yesterday I actually was OVER goal by 4 points!!! I ran in the morning and then went shopping at night, yay for Thanksgiving exercise!!)

<3 Merbear

Neither the Weight Watchers nor the Philip’s Active Link people know I wrote this nor have I been encouraged in any way to write about this. I pay in full for my WW membership and my Active Link membership.