Soybu Winner & Thoughts ‘n Plans

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Aug 312015

First – the Soybu Giveaway –  I assigned all 5 entrants a number, by the order they commented.  I used the widget on to choose a number.  The number choices was “1”. The #1 commenter was Liz!! Liz will win a Maria skirt in her chosen size! Congrats Liz!!

Okay so brain dump of feelings/thoughts/plans

Frustration, I feel it a lot…ugh, I just want something to feel right. Why are all the workouts I feel like I can stick to so expensive? How come I can’t just go running and have it work, why does it have to be so hard?

I just want to make a food plan, go grocery shopping, be ready for the week and make healthy food for lunches and dinners…and be able to just eat healthy.

Put those two things together….exercise that I like (I understand HARD, but it can’t suck nor can it eat my whole wallet) and then eat my planned food and have snacks in between that are healthy…

It sounds so SIMPLE…why can’t I make it work?

I set goals and don’t keep them….why?

It seems I’ve only been able to keep up with a good eating plan/exercise plan when I have buy in from others, it can’t just be me. I can’t do things alone and just for me, it doesn’t work in my brain.

A co-worker sent me 2 weeks free of Core Power Yoga, I went 6 times, it was awesome! I loved it!  Now, its $20 a class or some ridiculous price packages I CANNOT afford…I searched for deals and there aren’t any out right now.  I did just sign up for 1 week free of their online yoga videos…so I can make that last another week! I want to keep going to these classes though cause I have a buddy, even if we aren’t in the same class, I feel the camraderie and that we have that in common keeps me going.

I have loyally seen the same personal trainer for about 5 years, I see her twice a week for 30 minutes and she continues to challenge me and build my muscles. Why does this work for me? Appointments, accountability to another person….it so works for me!

I hope this time around…hubby and I are going to go into the healthy eating TOGETHER. I’m good at eating a healthy breakfast, I’m good at packing a healthy lunch and eating eat (saves money too, haha)….but evening plans and weekend things…the things I do with friends and with hubby, just get me off is NO ONE’S FAULT BUT MY OWN…but I need a buddy to be accountable to who is also doing it with me….and hubby says he will and I’m super happy!!  He knows I need the help and unless I’m on a spendy food plan where all my food is practically made for me and super mapped out..I just can’t stick to it, so I’m very excited to have a buddy.

<3 Merbear

Aug 162015


I tried CorePower Yoga for the first time today. I’ve done yoga before, I’ve even done heated yoga before. I’ve never tried yoga, in front of other people, in a new format, at my current weight.

I am trying different workouts on top of my 2x/week active weight lifting (like bootcamp but with a personal trainer), because I need more movement, more stretching, more engaging activities to burn calories.

I’m okay with hard and I am so thankful for all of the kind words and thoughts flowing from the yoga instructor to the class about doing what feels best, finding the right modifications of poses that work for us, etc…..but I felt only frustrated, upset and embarrassed for myself 90% of the workout. I used to be able to do all these poses, with only a little bit of effort, not because I was well practiced, but because I didn’t have a bunch of fat in the way in my stomach/legs/you name it.

I definitely appreciated the poses I could do and the stretches that felt so good and that I made it through 60 minutes with only truly having to stop once (major foot arch pain). I actually, truly thought about stopping and walking out so I could go to my car and cry I felt like such a failure. Right before I got to the actual point of stopping and leaving though – the instructor would say something to the class that was super encouraging and had us breathe, focus on our breath and why we were there. After class she even found me outside of the studio and told me how well I did in my first class and she answered a lot of my questions which calmed my nerves a bit about participating in other classes and moving forward.

It is still hard for me to forget how I felt though, during most of the class, almost wanting to cry, not because it was too hard, but because I felt like I wasn’t good enough – I kept telling myself my intention for the day though that “I am good enough.”

I’m not really sure where this post is going, I am going back to CorePower Yoga, most likely tomorrow – either another all levels class or I might challenge myself more with some sculpt and do what I can and take a break when I’m overwhelmed.

This is something new, I have a learning curve – it was hard to lift weights when I first started doing that and now I love it.  I know I can do this, seriously…just gotta get back in there, right?

I’m so tired of the body that I’m in, I need it to move/be healthy, I need to love it and I can’t love it the way it is now..its not me…I’m working at getting back to me…its not easy, but it’ll be worth it.


Thanks for “listening”

<3 Merbear

Oct 122011

My week has been going well. Over the hump day and moving closer to the weekend.

Last week was really tough for me emotionally, so I’m glad this week is just…normal…some might say boring…but I say its healthy and good for my heart and mind.

I have a new work schedule that jumps around my shifts as well as a lot of work learning about my new love, social media marketing.  Which means that the nights that I work later, I stay up later working on my marketing, which is usually followed by an early day at my full time job. This has resulted in me coming home from work, maybe eating and then taking a nap before hitting the gym.

Even though the schedule is kind of funky, I’ve been able to manage my eating, exercise and sleeping pretty well…which are all pretty important to losing weight (yes the sleeping, too!)

I make sure and have lots of easy to eat and healthy foods on hand for snacking. I’m really liking single serving hummus, Wholly Gucamole 100 calorie single servings, measured out pita chips and pretzels!  I also have lots of hand fruits of course, too….apples are obviously awesome right now.  The SweeTangos really do rock! Crunchy, juicy and tangy!

I am really feeling the effects and physically and mentally of eating as clean as I can, sticking to the basics, drinking lots of water and sticking to my guns with alcohol no more than once a week.

I do wish I got a little more exercise in this week, but I did lift weights this evening, I’ll be doing yoga on Thursday night and on Saturday morning I’m taking a bootcamp class for personal training clients only, so its a small group of people who know what they are doing!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Tell me about what you like about your week?

<3 Merbear

Running on all cylinders again!

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Sep 222011

Yesss!! I’m back at full power!

Man it felt crappy to be tired, feverish, vomiting or dehydrated over the last couple weeks.  I think I’ve nipped this in the bud! For the first time in two weeks I will be attending BOTH of my personal trainer sessions and I am back to running! (Remember I tried last week and almost fell off the treadmill?)

It feels so good to have my arms and core a bit sore still from my Tuesday session and I’m looking forward to powering through some legs this morning! Then, to the second session of my first ever yoga class after work!  I’m so excited to learn more and get better, and for that lovely lovely corpse pose and relaxation at the end of the session.  I picked up some looser/lighter clothing for class so hopefully I won’t get sweaty palms and feet like I did last week.  I was doing great with the poses but towards the end my feet were wet and slipping!  Maybe it was a heat thing, so now I’ve even got my own sweat towel. Corryn let me borrow hers last week and wouldn’t let me take it home to wash it, eeew, hahaha, nice of her to take care of it  and help me out 🙂

I hope my illness on Saturday was due to a bit off not so great food or a slight bug and not my body purging *toxins*. I’m going to mention it to the yoga instructor, but I doubt any effect of yoga would be that severe. If it is, well I guess I was really toxic!

So I’ve got healthiness all covered for today, then on Friday I hope to get a run in at the gym before they close in the evening.  Then another run on Sunday, thus finishing week 1 of Bridge to 10K. There, I typed it out, so I’m gonna do it….Run on Friday and on Sunday…doooo iiit! I still haven’t looked at cooler weather running gear…I need to get on that…still open to suggestions! Where to shop? What to buy? I’m a freeze baby but I just love it outside!

I’m also successfully trimming down my social calendar.  Unfortunately I had to turn down an offer of a free brunch and conversation with lovely ladies on Saturday, but its for the best. Otherwise I’d have a day with 4 events and a chiropractor session in the middle (which even makes me cut short one event and have to run to the appointment!) I think I significantly kept my Saturday low-stress by turning down an oh-so tempting, really wanted to go brunch.  It looks like I’m basically keeping my Friday nights low profile because for the next few weeks I have Saturday plans…I think this is a good idea, to balance between Friday and Saturday, have one of those evenings at home to just focus back on myself.

Alright! Onward!

<3 Merbear

Sep 202011

On Thursday night I went to yoga for the first time ever.  The only other time I had ever tried yoga was a video from a friend and I couldn’t figure it out. Mostly because a lot of poses you keep your head down, but I didn’t know them so I had to stop and look all the time, plus I didn’t even know if I was doing them right. So I was frustrated and doing yoga and becoming frustrated is not the goal, so I decided not to pursue it anymore.

Years later, yoga is super popular again, there is tons of it…the kind that burns tons of calories, the kind that is “hot”, yoga for certain ailments or for pregnancy, etc etc.  I’d been hearing a new twist on yoga, that its good for people working on healthier lifestyles including weight loss, better nutrition, and de-stressing..ding ding we have a winner, as you know I am working on ALL of these goals!

But why does yoga help with these things? I read and talked with experienced folks about how yoga makes you aware of your thoughts, your breath, each part of your body. It tunes you in to sore muscles, upset tummies, and overworked brains. Its supposed to help you focus on those and release them with the practice of methodical movements and the study of your breath, just that focus your movements and your breath.

I knew yoga would be fun and my friend @Corryn suggested that we both take a Beginning Yoga course at a little studio here in Minneapolis called One Yoga they are a non-profit organization. A portion of the fees you pay to take classes go back to the community, to make yoga accessible to everyone, of all income levels and abilities to pay. We loved this, plus the fact that this class, was specifically for beginners, the instructor, started from the very beginning, explaining props, the reasons we were doing certain movements, naming the movements, giving us pointers walking around the class, etc.

After class my body was so at peace, Corryn agreed. I felt clear headed and loose, I slept like a baby on Thursday night. I felt good when I woke up Friday morning, like really good.  I’m looking forward to learning more.

Have you tried something new and been totally blown away like this? Yay for new things!

Anything else I should try (keeping in mind I don’t want too full of a schedule!)

<3 Merbear