Mar 052012

I finally have a treadmill!!! No thanks to for not providing my phone number to Fed Ex

Building the treadmill

who tried to contact them three times!  No thanks to Icon Service for packing my treadmill with THE WRONG USER MANUAL.  No thanks to ProForm for repeatedly trying to get me to download the same, wrong user manual over and over.  But THANK YOU to the other people on in the user forums that bought the treadmill, figured out it was the wrong manual and how to specifically ask for the right from from Icon Service and THANK YOU to the supervisor at Icon Service who emailed me the right manual.  And HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my boyfriend for putting it together!!!!!















I’m down 23.5 lbs officially with Slimgenics….we just got done with a “Biogenic Week” which is 5 days of very low carbs (like only about 200 calories worth a day)…but larger protein servings than normal. Also no club soda, no clear diet soda, no mustard…no extras…just protein, greens, 100 calorie snacks (2 a day).  Then after that we had two days (over the weekend) of Fresh Start days which is a lot like Atkins…as much green raw veggies, fat free dressing, oil, butter and protein as we could eat!  During this Biogenic Week…most people lose basically nothing….well I lost 3/4 lb….and Ryan LOST 4 lbs! That bastard! LOL!

I’ve also been able to dig out a few more tops from my “too small” bin which is awesome, yay for more choices! NSVs baby! I’m enjoying wearing one of my favorite going out shirts again that has a bit of sparkle!

I had an AMAZING sashimi entree at Raku in Edina on Friday night with my girlfriends, check this out:

Tri Color Sashimi - Raku, Edina


Ryan and I are super into green monster shakes to get our veggies in!  Heck if I can drink a yummy shake with 2 servings of spinach in it, I’m all for it!  They are easy to make, pretty easy to clean up and TASTY.  Right now we make them with 2 cups of raw baby spinach leaves, a liquid like Diet Berry 7up or Diet Cherry 7up, and fruit like blueberries or strawberries. Sometimes when I want protein I use plain fat free greek yogurt. I also will put Stevia in there depending on the fruit or if I’m using greek yogurt.  Right now I can’t have bananas or peanut butter, but I can’t wait to incorporate those after Slimgenics.

Putting together a blueberry green monster shake


Ground Turkey Casserole


For dinner tonight I made Ryan and I a casserole so to speak.  I sauteed together celery, green onion and ground turkey.  Then, I combine that in a casserole dish with creamy chicken noodle soup mix and chopped up mushrooms.  That’s all I did for today, but sometimes I also, at this point add in 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.  Then, I bake it for half an hour to solidify it up!  This time since I didn’t put the rice in, Ryan ate his with a piece of toast to scoop it up!






Then, with the other half of the package of ground turkey I made sloppy joe for lunches tomorrow with some chili sauce mix and red peppers mixed in to ground turkey!

Sloppy Joe


So….other than that, my 5K class with the Running Room is over and we are finishing up with the 100% Irish for a Day 5K on Saturday (10th)!  Its over at Lake Harriet and I will be running the entire race at one of my slower paces because all this training I’ve been doing is ACTUALLY in preparation for the Get Lucky 7K on St. Patrick’s Day!  So excited for some running coming up!  I

That’s about it for me for now!

<3 Merbear

Jan 022012

Well guys, I dunno why I’m feeling like “weight loss won” or I’m failing because I’m no longer going to do this by myself. I’ve done Weight Watchers (it worked, then I gained it all back…went back and couldn’t stick to it). I’ve done LA Weight Loss and even Atkins. None of them stuck, or I couldn’t stick with them. For the last two years I’ve been counting calories and well, I’m also just not picking the right foods, or not being dedicated enough.

Before I get totally down on myself I have done one thing right this last year and I’ve totally upped my activity. Lifting weights 2x a week and running or elliptical 3x a week.  So, that is good, I’ve got a bunch of races lined up along with training for those trying to live an active lifestyle is working..but I’m still quite overweight. I’ve gone down two sizes in the last year, but no body fat (okay maybe 1% and no actual pounds).

This afternoon my boyfriend and I made a big commitment. We did our research, went to a few places…and ended up loving and joining Slimgenics.  This week, Ryan and I are cleaning out our kitchen, getting rid of no-no foods either by eating or throwing them out…and we start the 3 day cleanse on Monday. We have a meeting on how to eat on the plan on Tuesday, and from that point forward we go to the center 3x a week for counseling/weigh in/measurements/health check.

According to Slimgenics, I need to lose about 64 lbs…which goes right down to my doctor recommended weight, so I’m okay with that. It should take me about 21 weeks. I can keep up my same activity, the food plan has me covered with enough calories.

I’m going to talk about my experience as it affects me directly, but this is not going to be a “Slimgenics” blog.  I just won’t have many interesting recipes for awhile, unless I have something REALLY GOOD on the plan, I’ll let ya’ll know. 🙂

So yeah, I’m excited to do this but for some reason I was also thinking about not telling anyone for awhile cause I’m embarrassed that I’m using a plan. Just thought I’d get that out there.

This was quite the financial commitment and I’m looking forward to having 2012 be the last year that I’m fat.

So pumped to do this!


Dec 302011

On our Fat to Fit Pack group on Facebook Misty asked about our goals for 2012 and I thought about it and I want to list them for you guys, too! These are my health/body related goals…I have some jobby job goals, too…but I’m MUCH better at those than the health ones…so that’s why I’m getting out on my blog!

1. Run faster and further this year than last year
2. Get to goal, that’s about 60 lbs, we’ll see how I feel as I get down there
3. Start a nutrition program to help build menus and get in the habit of eating right all the time so my body craves it
4. Keep going to the gym 2x a week for weight lifting and keep running 3x a week
5. Wear a bikini, IN PUBLIC, this summer, and feel good about it


Run Faster and Further – I know that the fastest I’ve run a 5K is 38 minutes…so I want to beat that, I’d like to consistently run a 10 minute mile, that would make me so happy, right now I’m at about 12:30 – 13:00…I *can* run faster than that, about 5.8 mph, but I can only maintain that for about 5 minutes and I need a 2 minute break after.

Get to Goal – I’m ready to stop maintaining and really kick this extra body fat in the butt, my boyfriend wants to join me. 60 lbs needs to come off! The fast that I’m signed up for 7 races will help keep me focused and running for goals so I’ll be exercising/doing cardio consistently and not just weights which I do 2x a week

Nutrition Program – Not sure what this will be, if I just need a trainer to write me a strict menu, or if I need something stricter like Medifast or Slimgenics. I need to learn to eat and my body needs to eat up my body fat.  I need something stricter than Weight Watchers though..its too many choices.

Gym Attendance – I successfully maintained going to the gym 2x a week for strength training last year..ALL year, besides a few vacations, not skipping, but literally out of town…so I’m good at that..I also need to do 3x a week of cardio…I sometimes only do 2x a week, on my strength days, I need to get in that 3rd trip and stick to it!

Bikini- I love water, swimming, beaches, boating, being in the sun….but I hate swimsuits…I think one pieces are SO ANNOYING…I also don’t like swim skirts or any pieces that are for hiding my figure. I have to wear that kind of crap I only go into pools for exercise or with VERY close friends and family I will go to a hot tub….but no way on the fun in the sun type of stuff.  NO MORE. I’M TIRED OF THIS! I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH AND WEAR A BIKINI THIS SUMMER DARNIT! I will, too. (oh and it won’t be a hideous mess, my body will look GOOD in it!)

Okay I do need some opinions…first off, should I do something drastic like Slimgenics or Medifast? What are your opinions of them? Any other suggestions. I’m burned out on Weight Watchers..I did it for years, it worked once and now its so easy for me to *cheat* on it…I just can’t get into the mindset for it anymore.  Or maybe there is a book or two I should buy that will tell me what to eat…not style of eating…but literally what should I eat, so I can learn to cook and crave what I need to be eating.

Am I missing anything vital in my goals?

What are your goals?

<3 Merbear

Jul 282011

First off, thanks Kris for the great suggestions and motivation yesterday. I will hit up Sports Authority for a hand held water bottle for sure.

I think I want a Polar HRM cause they work with the machines at LA Fitness and lots of friends love and recommend them.

I’m still going to shop for some pocketed running pants somewhere


I know it works because I have witnessed my friend Corryn exercise and track her bootie off to the tune of 20 lbs (congrats girl!) in person and over on Still Chasing Skies. Her blog is insightful and not all about weight loss, but I want to give her credit for her awesomeness 🙂

I also know it works because when I log everything I eat all week I lose about 1 1/2 a week, sometimes a bit more if I exercise a lot.

But man, sometimes its so annoying, and not because I want to make a crappy choice and “get away with it” or because I want to eat more, but just because some things just seem to take forever to enter in, whether its a hand written log, or online, or on my phone. 

Does anyone else get this frustration?  Mostly the stuff that gets annoying are things like add as I go salads at the salad bar, stir fries, homemade tacos…..I get so frustrated that I just want to eat Lean Cuisines every day cause they are easy, but they are not as healthy as homemade stuff so that’s not good!

Today I had a little salad from the salad bar:

spinach leaves
grape tomatoes
a scoop of egg crumbles, mostly whites
a sprinkle of bleu cheese crumbles
a few walnut halves
a small spoonful of sunflower seeds
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

I mean this is healthy, right?  But gah, I don’t have measuring things at the salad bar at work! I can’t always make my lunch at home, my work has healthy options so I don’t feel I have to…but boo tracking this sucks. Separate entries for each one, trying to figure out a good measurement.

This makes me think I always have to pack lunches at home so I can measure as I go, <whine> do I haaaaave tooooo? </whine>

I think this is also why I don’t track on vacation, not because I’m eating crap or trying to hide or be off plan, its just that I’m on vacation I don’t want to work….or be starting at my phone during a family meal at a restaraunt or running to a computer.

I think I might fit into the majority on this, I *do* track 99% of the time…that 1% being the few times a year I’m on vacation.

Am I being a baby about this?

Jun 232011

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers on and off for years, back when I was 22 years old (over 10 years ago), I did it for the first time…I lost 45 lbs, my goal weight was supposed to be 132 lbs..I was at 135..and stuck, I was unhappy because I was always hungry and people said I was too skinny. But I was unhappy because I couldn’t get to my WW goal! What? Yeah..well, obviously I couldn’t stick to it.  I didn’t exercise back then either..okay some walks…but I just ate my points for the day full of fat free, high fiber stuff and moved on, boring and not maintainable!

Flash forward 5 years from that…I did WW again..but I also was learning to do lots of cardio! The WW foods I ate didn’t change, but I was at least getting more fit because I had a personal trainer and I worked my tuckus off at the gym…I looked better, but still, it wasn’t maintainable, the food wasn’t a good balance for me and I had to work out WAY to much and life got hectic.

Boom…here we are…I’m 34 years old, at my pretty much highest weight ever, and guess what, even though WW has changed, its not something that I can stick to, probably cause its easy for me to bend the rules and if I can’t get to a computer its easy for me to throw a weekend or a vacation out the window. I forget to log one day and its out the window for the week sometimes. Or, I log and I go over my points and I give up…also, its just online, nobody else is really in my court…nope not working for me.

So as I discussed a little yesterday, I’m now counting calories using My Fitness Pal I even have the little “how much weight have I lost” tracker at the bottom of my blog. I started it at zero because I want to track from the beginning of this blog 🙂 This program also has a very easy to use android app for my phone, which pretty much works everywhere (other than WW which was hard on my phone).

I worked out a level of calories (1300-1400), and a workout plan 2x a week weights, 3x a week minimum cardio with my personal trainer.  She also helps me choose the right foods to make up those calories, I am wiping out as many processed foods from my life as possible.

Wanna see what I did yesterday?

30 minutes of legs/core using free weights and body weights

1 cup skim milk – 86
Thomas Bagel Thin – 110
1 TBS Creamy peanut butter – 95
2 cups of coffee – ? 0?
Viactiv soft chew – 20
Banana 00 105

1/2 cup blueberries – 41

5oz can of chunk light tuna in water – 80
1/2 a cucumber sliced – 10
4 dill pickle spears & juice – 0
(mixed the juice in with the tuna and the cucumber slices)

Chobani Black Cherry 0% Greek Yogurt – 140

6 ozs of rotisserie chicken breast, no skin – 162
Medium sweet potato, no skin – 194
5 g of parmesan cheese – 20
1/2 cup of edamame – 120

1/2 cup 2% Cottage Cheese –  100
4 medium sliced strawberries – 15

Total calories: 1297

What do you guys do? What do you eat? What do you think of my plan?