Nov 082012

Hi friends and family!

Ryan and I were originally going to keep our marriage private until our actual family wedding celebration day on September 28, 2013…but we’ve decided that we want to share with everyone because we are so happy to be married.

As you all know, we got engaged in May and started planning our September 2013 wedding.  Then, in August…I lost my job.  Soon after losing my job I had a bit of a medical scare…not just the cost of COBRA, but as in a not so great test result.  We decided for financial and peace of mind reasons that I should be on his insurance.  It was a bit of back on forth, but it made reasonable and financial sense. Plus, its not like we weren’t already going to get married!!!

Fortunately, the medical scare is in the past, but if I had continued to get poor test results I would have needed really good insurance…and not had to pay $600/month for it…sheesh..that was expensive!

Ryan and I had a very intimate wedding ceremony with immediate family…we literally went to the courthouse, got our license, waited the required number of days, called my friend @jonmarcbauer who has graciously kept it a secret (he’s a blabber mouth on twitter, heehee) who married us. Then we went out for dinner.

The ceremony was in our backyard, it was a beautiful day, we put out some chairs…my sister and Ryan’s best man were our witnesses.

You know my profile pic that I have on Twitter and Facebook right now, in the lovely makeup and the navy and white polka dot vintage dress?  I had that done on our wedding ceremony day 🙂

We are still going to have a big wedding celebration..with a ceremony and reception next September. We want to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends, but the big weddings need to be planned ahead, money has to be saved up…arrangements need time…so we couldn’t just move that up 12 months. I really do hope everyone involved understands..and I’m so excited to celebrate!

Lots of love to my family and friends,

<3 Merbear


May 272012

I’m getting married!!!!!!

I have 15 lbs or so left to lose on Slimgenics, I’m running in a marathon relay on June 3rd and I’m getting married!

I’m not going to post all about getting married or making this a wedding blog or anything like that here…but, its a big life change and obviously affects me so here and there you guys will definitely hear about how my wedding plans tie in with my weight loss, future weight maintenance, running, food, etc etc!

So first…here’s some engagement pics from Ryan proposing to me last night (May 25th):


My love

Happy Girl!













Engagement Ring


Wedding Band


Other than this amazing development in my life..

….I’m going to run 5 miles on Memorial Day with Kelly she brought my Minneapolis Marathon Relay team together! She is such an amazing friend and an inspiration in determination to achieve goals. She’s been training since 2011 for the Grandma’s Marathon this summer. I am so proud of her, Follow the link and check out her blog!

My other relay team friends are Amanda and Corryn!