Apr 042016

Finally I found a plan that works for me. It is actually not that complicated or hard to follow and seems fairly like “duh”, but sometimes you need to a kick in the butt to even have a “duh” moment, haha!

A Little History..

For me, a very good friend of mine followed this plan for about 5 months and had a major turnaround in her health including eating, lifestyle, inches and pounds.  Since I know she’s as busy, or even busier, than I am and I know she is a very reasonable person, I thought I’d give it it a try.

The week of Christmas, Sunday, December 20th, 2015 – I spent my day shopping and meal prepping, on Monday, December 21st I did a 30 minute cardio workout, ate my planned meals and felt awesome.  I did that same thing again, including through Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the next 21 days.  I lost several inches and 10 lbs. Yes, I had wine on Christmas, enjoyed some Christmas treats, and toasted on New Year’s Eve….it all balanced out with health eating 95% of the time and my daily workouts.

After that round, we went to Hawaii and I was able to continue with the healthy habits I’d learned and (21 days builds a habit!) maintain my healthy changes.  A week after that, I sprained my ankle and while I’ve been meal prepping and following a healthy plan I haven’t been working out due to my hugely swollen ankle.

Back In the Saddle AGAAAAAAIN

Well, today, I’m back at it, with some modified moves and an ankle brace, it FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!  I got so used to moving every day and it was really hard to convince myself to get back to it, but I’m back…woohoo!!!


The other awesome thing I did today was I used some onions and red peppers that I prepped ahead of time yesterday in the right portion, all chopped up, and I made really EASY chili for dinner tonight with leftovers all portioned out for some lunches this week!!Ingredients040416


I literally just googled “Easy 21 Day Fix” Chili and found this recipe, whipped it up with it on my iPad in the kitchen and voila!





Super good with some portioned out cheese and 2% Fage Greek Yogurt mixed in, too!




What is all this?

The plan I started following back in December and now that I’m back doing again is 21 Day Fix from Beachbody and the 21 Day Fix workout DVDs.  I’m impressed with how easy it is to measure out my ingredients in the provided color-coded containers, put together recipes that came with the plan, but then also find TONS of suggestions and awesome tried and true recipes online from other enthusiasts of 21 Day Fix!  This plan is easy to prep for, follow and repeat until I get to the goals I want to reach!

Join Me!

<3 Merbear

May 172015

Ooookay then….two weeks of Seattle Sutton’s pre-made meals for weekdays and my own plan for weekends….didn’t really get a good test of it, last week was challenging!

The plan:

  • Eat Seattle Sutton’s meals Monday dinner – Friday lunch
  • Make smart eating out choices or cooking at home choices with Ryan (husband) Friday night through Sunday night

What really happened:

  • Monday & Tuesday – right on the plan, plus Tuesday morning hour long INTENSE bootcamp!
  • Wednesday – last day for a co-worker – went out to lunch (Chipotle veggie bowl & chips), met for happy hour – 3 whiskey sours – went out for dinner to a fantastic burger place  (Red Cow – Edina, MN)- burger/coleslaw (yay not fries!)/1 beer (tap takeover from Bell’s YUM beer)
  • Thursday – exhausted from staying out late Wednesday night, ate fine through out the day, took a nap…went to see Above & Beyond at Skyway Theater – had Redbull and Vodka (not a lot but still, empty calories, caffeine/Red Bull was very much needed!) – oh did dance a lot plus I did personal training half hour bootcamp in the morning
  • Friday – running late, brought breakfast & lunch to work didn’t eat them – at 12pm ate 3 chicken fingers/1/2 serving of fries – at 7pm ate fish fry/tartar sauce/a few fries & walked around Northeast Minneapolis at Art A Whirl – 2 beers & a tiki drink that night – plus a personal mushroom pizza — 12,000 steps that day though!

Goals for this week:

  • Monday – Friday Seattle Sutton’s meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner..I don’t have any other plans that are challenging this week, its a great week for a focused re-set
  • Tuesday & Thursday half hour bootcamp workouts with personal trainer
  • Monday & Wednesday – walk the doggie!
  • Friday night: rest up for my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND
  • Saturday night – its my birthday, brunch in the morning with friends & bar crawl in the evening – I’m a reasonable person…but seriously, anything goes, MY BIRTHDAY!
  • Sunday – rest up, help decorate for my friends wedding, enjoy friend’s wedding, make smart choices, dance and have fun 🙂
  • Monday (Memorial Day) – Eat Seattle Sutton’s for breakfast/lunch – enjoy birthday FAMILY dinner of yummy grilled steak/baked potatoes/veggies

What went right:

  • 2 planned workouts and one day with 12,000 steps and another day with 5,000 steps

Next week should be better 🙂 Right?

<3 Merbear

May 082015

Hello friends!!!

Last time I posted I talked about Seattle Sutton’s and I have stayed with my weight loss plan since then (which was mid-January).

This is truly MY weight loss plan because it has measurable steps and results that I am totally in charge of. This is the first time I really found my groove with the way I learn…through practice and being accountable to just myself.

What I’m looking for is success in consistency, a regular rate of weight loss during this phase, which I have…I’m down 20 lbs and I did it by eating an average of 1400-1500 calories net (if I exercised I ate those calories, too) per day. That doesn’t mean there weren’t days that were higher than that or lower…but on average I stayed with it…and on average I ended up evening out at losing about 1 lb a week over the last month, yay! (I dropped quicker the 1st month, which is normal)

I lost 20 lbs, I lost several inches off my body, down 1-2 sizes depending on where I shop and my brain is MUCH clearer when it comes to choices, serving sizes and eating in general.

Weight Loss Chart

Weight Loss

Seattle Sutton’s provided me with  3 meals a day that added up to approximately 1200 calories, I added my own light snacks (or beer or dessert) to make up the rest of the calories to get up to 1400. But, with those 3 meals there was even more value than just portion control – a reliable source was providing me with nutritionally balanced meals that were filling, well portioned and….easy to replicate when I make my own meals, or serve myself from someone else’s meals and this is a big one..order from restaurants.

I made a change this week with Seattle Sutton’s…instead of meals every day of the week, I cut down to meals just on week days and I’m in charge of my own weekend meals. Whoa! That sounds scary, the weekends are the scariest for choices….not for me, let me explain.

I am at the highest risk for making poor choices when I don’t have time….when I’m tired on a weeknight/in a hurry to get to work with breakfast in my stomach and lunch in my bag. So, that’s where I’m still getting support for Seattle Sutton’s for another few weeks.

But, I’ve already started making great choices when I am at my leisure…when I am making, ordering or serving myself food.  I’m so used to seeing my whole dinner on a salad plate and I know that if that’s chosen wisely I will be satisfied and I will continue to lose weight…plus I can still enjoy myself.

Over the last few weeks I have had steak/potato/salad for dinner when my husband grilled, I ordered sushi..only 2 rolls and miso soup…SO PERFECT!  I easily made those healthy choices and felt good about them.  I know what my plateful of food should look like veggies/fruit, protein, some carb…..and those proteins are lean proteins and the carbs are the good stuff…its okay they are a potato or rice, or bread….just the right kinds….sometimes its mac ‘n cheese (just not too often and not too much).

I still have about 65 lbs I want to lose, but its coming off and its staying off. The more I lose, the more easily I can move and once I can really get moving….this extra fat is TOAST!

<3 Merbear

Dec 082014

You guys are right, it does not matter what other people think, it matters what I think and how I feel about myself.

If I were truly confident, if I truly loved myself and truly accepted myself, other people’s opinions or what I *think* their opinions are, wouldn’t matter.

The fact that I need to really dig in deep and truly learn to love and accept myself is the lesson here.

The fact that I don’t accept myself affects my outward appearance as well as my relationships with all the people in my life that I truly value.

Those that are close to me know that I struggle with #1 the need to have the last word, #2 the need to be right #3 constantly defending myself (where its NEVER needed)

I recently re-watched Brene Brown’s two TED talks (2010 and 2013) – are there more?

She talks about “shame” the #1 reason people are unhappy/anxious/depressed is shame. People who are not confident in themselves are ashamed in things about themselves…well there you go, I’m pretty sure she has hit it on the head for me.

I know my last post was fairly melancholy and I’m sorry if I scared anyone…I’m truly unhappy and annoyed with my slow progress, but its not like I’m not functional or anything. I’ll be okay, I just have to work through this stuff!

Why am I defensive? The root of the problem is I’m afraid that people will leave me…the Catch 22 here is, that if I am too defensive…people will leave me, because I’m abusing their love for me…ouch…and I totally accept that potential fate. The defensive behavior may not be 100% my fault, its the environment and people that I have associated with since birth that have affected me…but it *IS* 100% in my hands to work on accepting myself, loving myself and repairing myself so that I’m NOT this way anymore.

I’m slowly catching on, this is a process…just like fighting through my eating disorder to teach my body what real eating is and finally balance out my weight to something healthy so I can live a long life.

I will say, that I walked my lovely doggy Lucy yesterday and while I was walking I repeated to myself the awesome mantra I learned from a therapist and I know I’ve posted it here before, “I accept myself, fully and unconditionally, as I am, in this moment”…..one day, this will be automatic, for now….I’m learning to believe it.

<3 Merbear

Nov 252014

My husband asked me today where his happy wife went.

I didn’t answer as I bit my lip and wrapped up in my blankets on the couch.

Honey? Are you going to answer me?

{{tears}}….I’m here…under all this extra fat

I feel like a blob, a floating head on a body that’s not mine.

An acquaintance of mine suggested that I work out more and eat less..

Oh sorry? I guess I didn’t get that message, that’s new to me…this new plan of working out more and eating less…guess I’ll try that…

Guess what…its not a numbers game, it doesn’t work that easily, especially not for someone with an eating disorder who has yo-yo’ed on every diet plan there is for the last 15 years.

I told my therapist that I feel so stupid that I just can’t figure out how to eat less and exercise more…..she said that’s my eating disorder talking. Its not that easy, that’s not how weight loss works. Its not calories in and calories out.  I’m not going to defend myself, which is what I really want to do…but I always feel like I have to. Defend why I’m still fat, why I gained weight over the last year, why I don’t run anymore. I’m embarrassed to see my old friends, I know they don’t care, but its obvious I’m a roly poly version of my real self. I don’t really want to meet new people because then their first impression of me is the fat lady.

I love my family, I love my friends, I love meeting new people….but its almost like every time I face a new person or an old friend I haven’t seen for awhile…a little notch gets knocked out of my patience, my perseverance my self-respect……

Until I end up how I am now…a shadow of myself…surrounded by a blob of fat..

…..there is more of me, but there is also less….

I’m not depressed, I’m just really really really REALLY frustrated, like there is no end in sight, I need to eat my macronutrients, spread them out every few hours, get my daily dose of running my brain, muscles and metabolism..and my body will reset…its just…S…L…O…W

Just because I want to defend myself some more.

I journal all my food, I see a professionally licensed dietician as well as a therapist at the Emily Program

I do a boot camp version of personal training 2x a week with a very well educated and experienced personal trainer and I’ve been slowly losing inches.

I also walk my dog with my hubby at least a couple times a week.

No one cares though….no one knows the story behind my blob….

<3 Merbear

Jan 062013

I figured out my key to staying on track. Accountability.

Accountability to myself *and* accountability to the people who make up my support group.

Accountability to myself is *so* important, but its not always enough to keep me on track in challenging situations or when I’m feeling unmotivated or even wanting to give up for the meal/day/week etc.

Sometimes telling myself the reasons why I’m doing this and staying committed isn’t enough.

So how do I get that other support I need?  All of you wonderful people out there in the social media world as well as my awesome healthy friends locally, too.  Reaching out for help, sharing my journey and looking for other people that are sharing has been key to keeping me on track.

Whenever I think I’m not doing well and keeping it all in, kinda hiding my struggles instead of sharing them with my supportive people…it just gets worse until I really hit bottom.

If I get on my blog, or Facebook or Twitter and I share my challenges, ask for advice or just ask for a cheer when I do feel accomplished…it is just so much easier to get back on track and stay on track.

This week I found some truly awesome support groups to add on to the ones I have.

The first group I found is a challenge to track five out of seven days of the week. Its called Progress Not Perfection Trackstar. I *so* needed this group, it has over a hundred people and Dani Holmes-Kirk keeps us updated and motivated. Heck the whole group motivates each other with our tracking successes. Its for anyone who want so track…whether its points, calories, whatever. Its all about tracking. Dani blogs at Weight Off My Shoulders, and if you want…I’m sure she will accept more!

The second group I joined is actually a challenge on the Diet Bet website. This particular challenge already started and its been going about a week. The challenge is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. To join a challenge you invite people to “bet” that they’ll get to the goal. If you get to the goal, you can win part of the pot. The plot is split amongst all the people that get to the goal.  So it isn’t about losing the most, its about getting to the goal.  The group is active with weigh-ins, status updates and, well I have $20 in the pot..so I want to succeed!

Also, over the years I’ve been following healthy bloggers and tweeters on Facebook, Twitter and in my RSS readers. I’ve taken the time to post on their blogs and get to know people. It totally helps when I know there are people out there reading what I have to say and caring about what happens. I care about them, too!

I want all my readers and friends out there to know how much I appreciate you and how I totally need you all as my support group and I’m here for you, too! Let me know if I can ever do anything for YOU!

<3 Merbear


New Popchips winner!!!

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Oct 232012

The last Popchips winner didn’t contact me at all…and I asked several times..so, unfortunately, she’s disqualified.

New winner!!!

Please email me or post in the comments or tweet at me, whatever you’d like…cuz I’d like to get your infoz so Popchips can send you the yummy case!



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Apr 222012

This weekend was excellent!  Friday night sushi with good friends, Sunday pedis and lunch with another good friend, date night on Saturday night with Ryan, a 4 mile run with a 12:30/min mile average and a great family birthday celebration for my sister. 

Slimgenics had us limited to raw green veggies and unlimited proteins on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. But, the kinds of proteins we can have are opened up to some items that are not normally allowed like ALOT more shellfish….Ryan and I definitely took advantage on date night! We went to Bubba Gump and had the steampot….which has  crab legs, mussels, shrimp and clams! Yum yum!



Okay so for the oops…on our date night we went to see Cabin in the Woods…if you are a Joss Whedon fan, go see it! Dont’ listen to the reviews, just see it.  Aside from that we decided that we’d allow ourselves a movie snack….I didn’t go for popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos or anything along those lines…..I chose to have cherry Jelly Belly’s.  I figured..they are fat free and I have never EVER gone off plan. I needed a sweet treat, SERIOUSLY!  So, is that an oops..or an I planned it and that’s life?  I felt guilty this morning…but then…after thinking about it, I don’t. I didn’t have very many jelly beans, I truly enjoyed them, I run my butt off 3x a week and it was a special treat. (I’m not going to put them on my food log for the Slimgenics staff though, shhhh)

Today at my sister’s birthday dinner I didn’t have ANY cake or ice cream, I just ate salad and protein just like the weekend’s plan told me to I didn’t even eat any non-plan veggies or anything, I’ve been a good girl! I also ran today, too! So I am SUPER hungry. 

I feel good 🙂

<3 Merbear

Feb 092012

Hey Courtenay! Thanks for inviting me to play the getting to know you game! Check out Courtenay’s blog Autopilot Legs!

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules

2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

3. Answer the questions they set up for you in their post.

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged.

Random Things about me!

1. I have a motorcycle license and I’ve ridden and driven motorcycles. I kind love them though I don’t own one. I wear Harley branded clothes pretty often!

2. I have one of those “we walked uphill both ways in a snowstorm” type of stories and I’m not even old!  My high school choir went on a road trip and we had to pull off on the side of the road due to ice and our bus got stuck in a snow drift in North Dakota!  Somewhere between getting on a new bus and loading up into a hotel for the night, I got frostbite on the corner of my right ear and a tiny little bit is missing!

3. I absolutely hate fennel…in everything. I hate sausage pizza and many other fennely things because of it.

4. I’m trying to change my career..at almost 35 years old..I’ve been in the world of investments and brokerage firms for 12 years…but I graduated with a degree in Scientific and Technical Communications….I interned on a web team at Cargill, I worked for America Online during and a bit after college, I had a job with a Tech Comm company for a few years after college, too…writing, editing, doing quality assurance…I want to go back to it..and I’m getting there!

5. Besides for about a year in my early 20s I’ve been fat my whole life…I didn’t really care or think about it until I was in college when I started walking all the time and not eating between meals….then joined Weight Watchers.  It all came back and then some…now I feel like I’ve been struggling with weight since I was about 23 years old….ELEVEN YEARS of it…I’m so done…yay Slimgenics!

6. I love working out..I love getting sweaty…but umm…taking showers I find incredibly annoying. I don’t mind getting in the shower, getting wet, washing my hair…ugh but shaving my legs SO ANNOYING!  Getting my hair all ready to look normal again, SO ANNOYING! Either drying my hair and straightening it or having wet hair all day? SO ANNOYING. I would work out more if there was a way I didn’t need a shower to do it :/  I feel like it takes up so much of my time!

7. The reason I started running was because my friends were doing it. I’m still running because I want to run 5Ks as fast as my friends and I want to be on par with the people who’s Twitter accounts I follow and blogs I follow that can run 5Ks in 25 minutes, that can just plain DO 10ks…etc. I do like it, I like the accomplishment of finishing a race, I like the way I feel when I’m done running….I like how GOOD it makes my legs look.  But sometimes I kinda wish I could brag about how well I did on an elliptical 5K, heehee.

8. I’m a night person, I could stay up all night blogging, reading, watching TV, Twittering…but I can’t…cause I need to workout and go to work in the mornings…cause that’s what my work schedule tells me to do. I miss it.

9. I want to be a stay at home mom that fosters pets and has a social media job from home.  I can’t wait to have kids one day and hopefully stay home with them, too. But you bet I’ll still have a job and mommy group kinda stuff to keep my extrovert self entertained!

10. I really like my Snuggie that was hand made by my good friend Corryn 🙂

11. Even though I’m losing weight because there is diabetes, heart disease, etc in my family and its dangerous health wise to be overweight. I’m also doing it because I want to look hot for a beach vacation with my boyfriend 🙂

Questions from Courtenay:

1. What was the turning point in life that lead you to a more active/healthy lifestyle or has it always played an important role?  Hmm, I think when I got to college I finally realized I was fat and it wasn’t healthy. I think I just wanted to be skinny for vanity sake.  All I did then was try and lose weight and diet though.  Really starting a healthy lifestyle which I know I will maintain for life started after a very good friend of mine passed away from what we believe was his heart (it was sudden).  I realized that I want to be healthy for me and for my loved ones. I joined a gym, I started personal training, I started running and now I joined Slimgenics for help getting the weight off.

2. What is your career and is it where you want to be? If not, what would your dream job be? I’m a financial consultant, no its not where I want to be. I want to be in social media marketing..I’d love to work for a company that sells food or drinks and promote them!

3. What was the best day of your life so far?  When Ryan gave me a key necklace as a symbol of me having the “key to his heart”

4. Who in your life has had the most positive influence on you? Why?  Its not one person, its the healthy online community I’ve found through Twitter, Priorfatgirl, the Fat to Fit pack on Facebook  and my healthy friends!  Having a community that has healthy living goals like me and friends that make choices that I want to make is key for keeping this up my whole life.

5. Are you a picky eater? If so, what foods absolutely disgust you? If not, what’s your favorite food that you never get sick of?  I’m not picky I eat pretty much EVERYTHING. Except: fennel and green peppers. I never ever ever ever get sick of plain spaghetti with a little bit of butter and a little bit of parmesan cheese.

6. Chocolate? Vanilla? Neither?  CHOCOLATE

7. What’s your favorite form of cross-training?  Yoga, does that count? If not, elliptical

8. If you run races, what’s the best race experience you have ever had?  The Victory 5K in Minneapolis, MN last summer…first 5K where I ran the whole thing without walking!

9. What was your very first job? How long did you work there?  Hehehe..YMCA Camp Kici Yapi! I was a jr/assistant/senior counselor there over the course of 3 summers…plus I was a camper there for MANY summers!

10. Favorite TV show or movie?  SPACEBALLS

11. Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who??  Well touched or met? LOL. I met Garrison Keillor…I touched Gavin Rossdale’s rear end with both hands, took a nice handful, as he crowd surfed over me at a Bush concert.

Okay, here we go! My blogger friends who’s blogs you should visit and I hope they’ll keep the game going!

I admire these bloggers as my friends and inspiration to keep me going.

Random Thoughts of a Lutheran Geek

Kris Gets Healthy

Life off the D List

Destroying Dead Ends


Running with the New Me!

Coffee with Sabrina

My 11 Questions for them to answer on their blogs:

1. What is your main reason for living a healthy lifestyle?

2. What would you say is your “go to” quick emergency snack?

3. What is your favorite exercise and why?

4. Why do you blog?

5. Dogs? Cats? Both? Neither?

6. Have you “given up” any foods for healthiness reasons? Will you ever have it again? Why?

7. Are you doing or have you or are you considering a paid-for weight loss program? Which one? Why do you do it or how did it help you? If not, what are you doing on your own?

8. Tell me about a dream vacation, one you’ve been on or one you’d like to go on.

9. What do you use to blog mainly? Mac? PC? iPad? Phone? and where do you find yourself when you are blogging…desk, couch, coffee shop, bed, kitchen table?

10. Introvert (recharge with alone time) or extravert (get energy from people)?

11. What is your favorite quote that keeps you motivated?

Nov 282011

I planned ahead and wrote about Thanksgiving Day and weighing in on Friday morning after Thanksgiving. I’d like to report that my Thanksgiving Day went fantastically! I ate one plate of food at my parents’ house and one plate of food and one dessert at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and that was that! I didn’t feel overstuffed, I felt satisifed, and happy to enjoy my time with my family and his family. I was pleased with myself by the end of the night.

I also ran the Turkey Day 5K on Thursday morning…which didn’t go as well as I hoped. The run was beautiful, through downtown Minneapolis and along the river..I really loved that part. But, my rear end started to not cooperate in the middle of the run. Every time I put my left foot down it stung a bit. I actually started to get used to it and go with the flow, but then I dropped my phone! So I had to stop to pick it up and I fooled around with it while walking and it wouldn’t work 🙁 So I gave up and just trotted along to no music. That totally messed me up, I can’t do it, I need a beat to keep my going or choruses to run through. But I tried my best then my lungs stopped cooperating. All month I’ve been recovering from strep and have a chest cough that keeps popping up. Well the 5K made it pop up. I had to do a lot more walking and it took me 42 minutes to finish the 5K. Not my best time, but not my worst either.

I have learned a few lessons though:

– I need secure my phone, my new winter running jacket doesn’t hold it.
– I need to get back on the treadmill and run in a "warm" temperature so I can build my lungs back up
– I need to maybe try some running with no music so I don’t get so messed up if I lose my music source

Okay so that’s the running lessons. The rest of my weekend was super fun after Thanksgiving Day. You’d think that after my victory of eating well and weighing myself on Friday morning I’d have a super focused weekend and eat well. Nope. On Friday night I went to play cosmic bingo…and while I *had* planned to have a fun coffee drink..I should have planned with more resolve. I had my frozen mocha mint with whipped cream. But then, there were $1 hot dogs and $2 nachos *sigh* I got caught up in it, I didn’t have a cosmic bingo casino plan. It started with me getting "too fun" of a coffee drink and then I just kept going. Boo. I did TRACK it all though, so there’s a bonus?

Saturday…the morning…started out excellently! Hit up Brueggers and had a skinny bagel with just cheese and egg…YUM! I had meant to go running, but my throat really hurt. The rest of the day was pretty routine and nothing of note. Then we went to a friend’s house for scary movie night! We make dinner and then watch movies. We made oven-fried chicken (basically homemade shake ‘n bake, healthy!) and waffles (not so healthy). My friend also had some Christmas cookies set out, okay so what happened to my #DontEatTheTreat resolve??? I had maybe 4 cookies! Ugh! Then, I may have had a beer or two. Sigh…no good. Although I did only have ONE waffle and the chicken was healthy! So that part is good!

Sunday, slept in until 12:30pm…that was full of awesome, haven’t done that for MONTHS! Boyfriend and I had planned to make brunch at home so we got to it! One almost grease fire later…oops on baking the bacon..haha….we had a good spread. I should have just had my two eggs, two pieces of bacon and one serving of hashbrowns…but I also had a couple more pieces of bacon and a bagel, too. I did have V8! Althought, this meal was breakfast AND lunch..so if I counted the calories that way, not so bad. Then I went to a hockey game…started with meeting my friends at the bar first. Where I had a "skinny" drink and a garden salad with ahi tuna on it. Okay good start! Ummm…until I had ice cream (which was planned) and then mini corn dog dippers and a beer (unplanned). After the game I felt really gross, wonder why? I came home, watched TV on the couch with my boyfriend, ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed early.

So this is a really long post, and yeah I’m posting my food cause I just had to get it out and share what happened somewhere. It just sucks how I was so on track on Turkey Day and then I just went bust…boo!

I’m glad I did a 5K this weekend but I should have done more and I should have been more on task with my eating….so what’s next?

#1 Track before I eat something
#2 Be more cognizant, why am I eating, am I hungry or is it just fun?
#3 Hit the treadmill or the pavement, 2x this week, to start with
#4 Report back on my progress 2x this week on my blog

Okay…lets do this!

<3 Merbear