Mar 052012

I finally have a treadmill!!! No thanks to for not providing my phone number to Fed Ex

Building the treadmill

who tried to contact them three times!  No thanks to Icon Service for packing my treadmill with THE WRONG USER MANUAL.  No thanks to ProForm for repeatedly trying to get me to download the same, wrong user manual over and over.  But THANK YOU to the other people on in the user forums that bought the treadmill, figured out it was the wrong manual and how to specifically ask for the right from from Icon Service and THANK YOU to the supervisor at Icon Service who emailed me the right manual.  And HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my boyfriend for putting it together!!!!!















I’m down 23.5 lbs officially with Slimgenics….we just got done with a “Biogenic Week” which is 5 days of very low carbs (like only about 200 calories worth a day)…but larger protein servings than normal. Also no club soda, no clear diet soda, no mustard…no extras…just protein, greens, 100 calorie snacks (2 a day).  Then after that we had two days (over the weekend) of Fresh Start days which is a lot like Atkins…as much green raw veggies, fat free dressing, oil, butter and protein as we could eat!  During this Biogenic Week…most people lose basically nothing….well I lost 3/4 lb….and Ryan LOST 4 lbs! That bastard! LOL!

I’ve also been able to dig out a few more tops from my “too small” bin which is awesome, yay for more choices! NSVs baby! I’m enjoying wearing one of my favorite going out shirts again that has a bit of sparkle!

I had an AMAZING sashimi entree at Raku in Edina on Friday night with my girlfriends, check this out:

Tri Color Sashimi - Raku, Edina


Ryan and I are super into green monster shakes to get our veggies in!  Heck if I can drink a yummy shake with 2 servings of spinach in it, I’m all for it!  They are easy to make, pretty easy to clean up and TASTY.  Right now we make them with 2 cups of raw baby spinach leaves, a liquid like Diet Berry 7up or Diet Cherry 7up, and fruit like blueberries or strawberries. Sometimes when I want protein I use plain fat free greek yogurt. I also will put Stevia in there depending on the fruit or if I’m using greek yogurt.  Right now I can’t have bananas or peanut butter, but I can’t wait to incorporate those after Slimgenics.

Putting together a blueberry green monster shake


Ground Turkey Casserole


For dinner tonight I made Ryan and I a casserole so to speak.  I sauteed together celery, green onion and ground turkey.  Then, I combine that in a casserole dish with creamy chicken noodle soup mix and chopped up mushrooms.  That’s all I did for today, but sometimes I also, at this point add in 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.  Then, I bake it for half an hour to solidify it up!  This time since I didn’t put the rice in, Ryan ate his with a piece of toast to scoop it up!






Then, with the other half of the package of ground turkey I made sloppy joe for lunches tomorrow with some chili sauce mix and red peppers mixed in to ground turkey!

Sloppy Joe


So….other than that, my 5K class with the Running Room is over and we are finishing up with the 100% Irish for a Day 5K on Saturday (10th)!  Its over at Lake Harriet and I will be running the entire race at one of my slower paces because all this training I’ve been doing is ACTUALLY in preparation for the Get Lucky 7K on St. Patrick’s Day!  So excited for some running coming up!  I

That’s about it for me for now!

<3 Merbear

Measurements in time

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Oct 072011

(I was trying to post this on Thurs but was having issues so excuse the late post)

Thurs, October 6th, 2011:

I’m feeling so much better today, my headache has not come back..I’m not as uber thirsty…though I am a little extra thirsty today due to my kickass workout this morning, but that’s expected and its not like…”my throat is the desert” thirsty or anything.

I’m proud of myself because last night I went to my favorite late night sushi happy hours and Wakame with one of my favorite new friends Kris!  I ordered sushi rolls….I ate once piece because I’ve been craving it for weeks…and then I started dividing…I put a certain number/variety of pieces off to the side of my dish for my lunch today, I put another set of pieces off to the side for my boyfriend…and I had left, a nice sized, mixed up variety of rolls, a reasonable amount to feel full but not gorge myself on sushi, which is usually my downfall…yay for making 3 meals out of one 🙂 (even if my boyfriend gets one of them, haha)

Kris and I had a lovely converastion, she always inspires me and makes me think about what I need for me and how I’m feeling about anything on my mind..I do my best to have her talk, too..because I love hearing about how she faces challenges and gets to the gym daily, omg wish I could do that! Maybe someday.

We also talked about time…..specifically how we measure ourselves in time, our goal in time. Now before some of you say, “Whoa! Didn’t I just read about this somewhere else?” Yes, you did, kinda…I thought about time after reading Jen, A Priorfatgirl’s post about measuring success in 24 hours.

What I want to talk about is something I remember from years ago that I learned about weighing yourself and what time preceeding that its based on.  So of course, the VERY immediate past affects your weight…like if you *just* ate, if you have to use the potty or not, heck if you drank a bunch of liquids in the last few hours…that is just a temporary effect, so I don’t mean that time.

What I mean is the week or week and a half or two weeks before you weigh yourself that Friday morning.  I learned that it takes 10 days for your behavior to reflect on the scale.  There is a good side and a bad side to this coin.  If you’ve been totally kicking but for only a week, you may not see that progress yet and it can be disappointing….and this is me telling it for two weeks, do it for 3 weeks, do it for a month…you get it..the good stuff with show up.  The other side….you can’t necessarily tell if you “got away” with a cheat or a flub on your journey just buy that weigh in a week down the line…so if you’re working to “keep off that chocolate cake”…keep doing it….until the next week..and then for a month..and then keep doing it!

Okay so my response might be getting a little weird but I’m going somewhere with this, which is kinda where Jen went…look at the big picture…she broke up with 24 hours…I’m getting all buddy buddy with long-term progress! I might be a bit stuck right now, but heck, since January I’ve gone down two sizes….that’s not so bad!!!  I’ve started lifting weights twice a week, I’ve ran two 5Ks,  heck I STARTED RUNNING since just April! 

I need to keep working towards being an active, healthy person and the weight will come off with it..right? RIGHT!

I’m still going to be proud of weekly or daily accomplishments…because I know they add the long term 🙂

So how are you going to measure? What do you measure? Is it just the scale? Is it just sizes?

Aug 152011

Happy Monday folks!

While I could spend the next week down in the dumps because my boyfriend is working in Shanghai til next Tuesday, I’ve been focusing on the positive and how great my weekend was!

First off, after being bummed dropping off Ryan at the airport on Saturday morning, I quickly got a smile on my face for the rest of the day after visiting my favorite stylist Crystal at the Ulta in Woodbury (MN).  Even though I live 35 minutes away now, I still go back to her every 6 weeks!

I got red foils on top of my red and blonde foils from six weeks ago, I love it!!!

Friends and Sushi
I got together with one of my best friends on Saturday night so we could catch up, enjoy some sushi and have fun!  We went to Sushi Tango in Uptown, sat on the patio and enjoyed funky drinks, I loved my pomegranate tangojito, and yummy sushi rolls!  My friend tried this cool roll called “flame” and it was seared on the outside, just a little bit, I recommend it!

After dinner we headed over to the Pizza Luce block party.  The party was super crowded and it was kinda difficult to get our food/drink tickets and obtaining a beer/slice of pizza took a bit over a half hour, I wish that was better organized. But, we had a good time listening to the last band and being outside on a nice summer night!

Whoo boy, did I get a big kick in the butt of motivation from my friend Mariah this weekend!  Mariah races in triathalons! A few friends and I went to Lake Nokomis to cheer her on in the YWCA Women’s Triathalon on Sunday. 

A few things I did not realize about triathalons:
1. People of all ages, shapes, sizes and athletic ability participate
2. Pretty much every participant I saw, while exhausted, was elated to be participating
3. People are there pretty much every leg of the way cheering on EVERYONE
4. I can ride a bike, I can run, I can practice my swimming…I can do one with some training!

Hmm, something to think about 🙂

I did my first ever run all the way around a lake this weekend for my Couch to 5K, Week 8, day 1 run!!! Thank you to Corryn for commiting with me to a run on a hot (over 80!) Sunday afternoon run with me!  I wasn’t prepared for all the people and the heat, I got through all my water and my pace was a bit slower than usual, had to walk for a minute a couple times.  I did it though! I went around a lake like a big girl! Lake Harriet to be exact, yay! I plan to do it again in cooler weather and see if that improves my time, I’m sure it will.

Oh! I also got a new running accessory this weekend a Nathan’s Quickdraw Thermal Water Bottle. The bottle had a spot where I could attach my car key inside a zip in pouch, which I could definitely fit an ID or some money, etc in along with it.  My water stayed cold, it had a nice handle to slip my hand through, easy to use, loved it! Yay, now I think I can go on longer runs!

I hope everyone had a fun, fulfilling and active weekend!
<3 Merbear

Jul 182011

Hello from the hottest/highest dewpoint in the world for the last for days! Minnesota! Can you believe it?

Today our heat index is 110 and the temp is 95, both are higher than the Amazon rainforest…yup, lovely.

I spent most of my weekend indoors packing up my apartment or just staying cool in AC..except for Saturday evening, whoo even after 5pm it was hotty boombalotty!

I was going to try and do my run on Friday, but I was still sore in the calfs and hips from getting my butt kicked in a leg workout on Thursday morning, Plus, I fell asleep after dinner for a few hours and slept a full night after that. Yup exhausted, probably from staying up super late on Thursday night seeing Harry Potter!

Saturday was my busy day this weekend! Lots of errands in prep for two parties I was attending!

I first popped over to Muddy Paws Cheesecake and picked up a “hand selected slices” cheesecake made up of Nutella, Raspberry Swirl, Chocolate Decadence and Key Lime for my friends. I also picked up a “toffee sampler” cheesecake to be delivered to the birthday party I was going to! Oh man, it was so hard not to eat them in the car!!

Then it was vet time, Shorty was great, only disliked the thermometer in the “bum” but Isis hissed, batted and growled, she didn’t hurt anyone, but we did a very quick exam so she wouldn’t stress out. Poor girl, she hates being anywhere but home.

Got my nails done, aaah its nice to have a little bit of a mini vacation at an inexpensive nail salon while they soak your feet and you get to sit in a massage chair, its the little things people!

Finally, I popped on a sundress and headed over to Tiger Sushi 2 in uptown for a birthday party, yes it was still 90 degrees outside, but we were on a covered patio so we enjoyed the hot temp and the breeze, but no beating down sun.  It was nice to enjoy sushi and cool drinks in the warm weather.

I had a custom roll here it is!

Does that look yummy? I love sushi, its my favorite food. When I have a craving for a specialty type of roll I will only get one because they always have some extra caloric treats in there like tempura, spicy sauce and probably extra rice.  I’ll then round my meal out with some edamame or seaweed salad.

If I’m feeling like I need more than “one” at a sushi restaurant, I will get a combo of sashimi (which is just fish), some nigiri (which is fish on rice), and some basic maki (fish, rice, wrapped in seaweed).  My favorites are yellowtail and super white tuna!

After fun times at the sushi restaurant, my boyfriend and I headed to a suburb in the NW corner of the cities to gather with old friends. There was beer (I only had one!), ribs that were smoked all day, a freshly made kale salad (so good! I’ve never had one before!), and lots of catching up.  Once the sun started to set, the temp outside was *only* in the low 80s so it was a lot more tolerable, so we actually sat on the patio until us girls decided to go inside and get away from the mosquitoes, the boys were roughing it, haha. 

On Sunday I did my first 20 minute, non-stop run on the treadmill! It was week 5 day 3 of C25K and I did it! I ran a little bit slow with an average of about 4.1 mph total (4.3 mph running, but also a 5 minute cool down and warm up during the 30 minutes).  I’m so happy!! I’ve never ever run more than 8 minutes all in a row so this is such an awesome milestone for

Yay 20 minutes!

Thanks for reading my weekend wrap up, I hope you all had awesome weekends, too!

Jun 272011

This weekend I got to do some of my most favorite things!

I went to my favorite hairstylist and friend Crystal at the Ulta in Woodbury, MN, its a 40 minute drive for me these days and totally worth it!  She always chooses the perfect foil combos and an added bonus this weekend is she curled my hair for me!  Also awesome is that Smashbox was doing free makeup and I got mine done with first time ever “smokey eyes.” I was so impressed I posted pics and bought the eye shadows!

Yes, their ploy worked, but it made me feel great! I also won the drawing for a free Smashbox gift basket, how cool is that? I still have to go pick it up.

Saturday night I went to the local casino with my boyfriend and we heard Bill Maher from HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher do his thing. Hilarious! I also got to show of my glam look at the casino, hubba hubba!

You’d think that’d be enough excitement! But, then on Sunday I attended the “Red Shoes and Sushi” event hosted by Fabuliss and @PrincessSushi of Twitter fame!  I did try on quite a few pairs of red shoes, but I ended up buying some much needed black summery shoes, some shoes for a wedding…and these babies:

Shoes that make me think of summer, picnics and blue skies

 Thank you Nordstrom’s Shoe Department at the Mall of America for the fabulous service! Two hours and probably 30-40 pairs of shoes if you count what all the girls tried on!

After shoes, we dined together at Tiger Sushi in the Mall of America.  I love sushi, and normally I totally go overboard and have 2 or 3 rolls, plus some edamame and gyoza.  But, with my new focus on cutting calories and getting fit, I need to revise this!  What did I find? Well, along with a super yummy seaweed salad I had “The Volcano” which is SO PERFECT! It had 3 kinds of fish (octopus, tuna and salmon), plus mango slices, strawberry slices, and cucumber, and a very light japanese mayo/chili lime garlic dressing.and no rice, thus reducing the carby/calorie intake..check this baby out:


After running around all day, going to the casino and eating at the buffet, and even an event that involved eating, I was able to stick to my calorie intake goals for the weekend.  This just shows me that as long as I think before I eat, I can enjoy myself and not freak out with food.  YAY!