Jan 042015

First, I want to say THANK YOU to the outpouring of support, encouragement and thought provoking ideas shared with me on my last post in comments, Facebook chats and in person hugs. You guys are the greatest.

Now for the topic at hand. This morning I was sitting on the couch, browsing Facebook, etc for an hour or two after I got out of bed. I was ignoring the growing growl in my tummy. I do this quite often…..

I get immobilized…stuck…I know what I should eat and I know what I want to eat and I just can’t move and commit. It isn’t laziness, I am truly immobilized, like I’m paralyzed…looking towards the kitchen…..just…ugh…stuck.

This is often why I don’t eat until I’m starving, which leads to either poor choices or making good choices but overeating, or BOTH.

I happened to be texting with a good friend this morning and was sharing these thoughts with her.


Friend: I get it. What do you have that you should eat?

Me: Eggs, Orange, Milk.

Me: I want Cinnamon Toast Crunch 🙁 I can’t have it though, because I have 5 grains for the day and we’re having chicken fried rice for dinner..which normally takes up 3…so thats 2 left for the day and I’m going out for lunch.

Me: My hungry inner child is asking for cereal, popcorn, sandwiches and potatoes!

Friend: Have apples with cinnamon sprinkled on them, crunchy cinnamon taste.

Me: Hmm, that sounds good, I’ll get up and do that plus eggs.

Friend: I get stuck on food a lot, too!

Friend: How are the apples?

Me: Yummmmmmmmm 🙂

I guess one of the ways to have this not happen is to have a bunch of foods around that are all good choices that I like…right? Why is that so hard? Does anyone else relate to this?

<3 Merbear

Mar 042013


This week I lost a pretty good amount of weight! What’d I do? Nothing crazy, took some advice from friends like Kris and Mindy who commented on my post last week:

I thought about what makes me feel satisfied, what foods are “whole” also known as Power Foods on Weight Watchers. I thought about how much I eat out and how Kris reminded me that the nutritional information at restaurants isn’t always spot on. I didn’t go crazy with measuring but I also was a bit more careful with it.  I made sure to have fruits and veggies with every meal or snack.   I ate out less and I drank beer only one night and it was just samples with my Barley’s Angel’s group, I also cut out cola except for ONE night because I needed some caffeine and something that was diet. I think that having at least one fish night a week is really good for us, too. I’m a big fan of steelhead trout these days, it tastes and looks like salmon, but is way less expensive and is even a little more moist.

What made me feel satisfied:  home made food

What did I drink: water, sparkling water, tea, coffee, skim milk (some diet soda but without any cola)

What did I prepare: LOTS of Weight Watcher’s and Hungry Girl recipes!!

How did I do it: I sat down on Sunday and whipped through the Weight Watcher’s recipe pages and printed out what looked good like a madwoman and threw them in a folder.  I did the same with my Hungry Girl to the Max cookbook.

Step 1: Grab all the recipes you can in about 30 minutes and get them all in one spot either in a book or printed out

Step 2: Pick 5 that you want to make that week

Step 3: Make a shopping list of what you don’t already have in the house

Step 4: SHOP! 🙂 🙂

Step 5: Cook what I want for dinner

Step 6: (if its a Sunday or Saturday, cook what I want for lunches!)

It seems simple enough, but I wasn’t doing this very often, now I will be. This week I have a whole week of lunches, plus other leftovers if I get too busy to cook during the week. I get to eat  Weight Watchers Baked Pasta with Butternut Squash for lunch this week..mmm with cheese, squash and spaghetti, mmmm!!!!

Weight Watcher's Baked Pasta with Butternut Squash and Ricotta

Weight Watcher’s Baked Pasta with Butternut Squash and Ricotta

Then leftover at home I have chili and chicken parmigiana!! All were recipes from the weekend!

I’m also prepared to make buffalo chicken fingers this week as well 🙂

We learned this last month in Weight Watchers and it finally has hit my brain and is proving to be true, preparing my own food and planning ahead what I  will eat, especially dinners…really helps me stay focused on my points for the day because I feel satisfied and PROUD of what *I* made…I know what’s in it, I know its good for me, and I know its tasty already. I look forward to the meals I made or will make for dinner, and it keeps me on track all day. I know how many points I can have the rest of the day! (This can be translated to calories or whatever type of plan you are on)

Another good thing about prepping ahead: you get all the dishes done on prep day instead of washing pots/pans/mixing bowls etc repeatedly all week..its SO NICE!

I kept the ball rolling…I made ahead and planned meals for this week, too.  Loving this!

Oh, and I’ve earned 12 activity points for WW this week so far (I go Wed – Tue). Add something active and fun into your weekend as a social event or something with a loved one. I’ve been lifting weights and walking/running on the treadmill, too.

<3 Merbear


Jan 032013

No! Seriously! They’re good!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I got home from work, hubby wanted to make tacos…but he had to do some work first..and I was pretty hungry.

Did I eat chips? No

Did I eat crackers and cheese? No

I said, hmm….I feel like having brussels sprouts…seriously! You can go from raw brussels sprouts to a yummy roasted snack in 20 minutes!! NSV!!! Vegetable snacking!

I grabbed my bag of sprouts, chopped off the bottoms, split them in half, tossed them in olive oil and baked them at 425 for 20 minutes! Voila! YUMMMY!

While I was waiting for them to bake I had a banana, a quick, sweet, tasty healthy treat.

But then, while I was waiting for tacos to be ready…I snacked on roasted salty brussels sprouts and watched TV…ate it just like popcorn or chips…mmmm mmm!!!

Another yummy vegetable appetizer that I’ve had  was at the Cheesecake Factory of all places…..on the Skinnylicious menu they have roasted artichokes…sooo yummy, too!

Keep those eyes open for new tastes!

Oct 032012

Okay this is kinda of a mish mash post of updates and this ‘n that.

Don’t forget, through Thursday, WIN A CASE OF POPCHIPS!

Since I came home from Fitbloggin I came down with a bit of a cough/cold, so while I have been doing my strength training 2x a week, the cardio has been a no…even a brisk walk was kinda making me hack up a lung. I plan to get back into running today…woo! I think I’ll be able to walk/run…my nose is still a bit stuffy, but its basically nothing.

I’m excited to run in the Moster Dash 5K here in Minneapolis at the end of the month, I’m going to run as super girl! Even with missing a week of running due to being sick…I hope to PR in this one! I’ve heard this is a pretty crowded run, and I definitely want to have fun, so if “PR”ing isn’t in the works due to the fun factor, I won’t be disappointed. I’m excited to do a halloween run!

Anyone else doing a Halloween theme costume run? What are you dressing as?

I’ve also been re-focusing as I posted earlier this week!  While in one week a person may not lose a lot of weight, (I have lost, just check out my widget on the left), I feel so much better. I love this kinda “de-tox” feeling….cravings go away or are easy to push aside, my tummy feels happy, I feel more ready to go.  Eating healthy is just so good for us all around, right?

Speaking of food….I have something to share AND a question:

This is my favorite fall salad to have, yup pretty basic because of Slimgenics, but tasty and easy!

Chicken, Apple, & Celery Salad

Umm…YUM!!  Chop up celery, cooked chicken, your favorite apple…mix it up with some heart healthy olive oil mayo…..I like to make some toast to scoop some of it up with.  My FAVORITE apple in the fall is honeycrisp!!!

Now for the question….arugula.  My grocery store was out of plain old bags of spinach….so I got a bag of spinach & arugula mixed together.  Normally I use bagged spinach to make green monster shakes. Well, sadly….arugula is way too bitter to go in shakes…I ruined a shake with it…boo.

What should I use this with?


What do I do with arugula or more specifically a spinach & arugula mix? (I know I could just have salad, so not that please)

That’s about it for me today! Thanks for reading, I love your comments, too!

<3 Merbear

Nov 102011

Well, my body is fighting weight loss. While I can build my strength, my lungs and trim up due to tighter and strong muscles…I’m just not dropping weight like I should. I also count my calories and stay within 100 calories of my goal every day.

My trainer asked me this morning if I’d been losing weight, I told her it seems like I’m still staying the same…maybe 1 lb every few weeks or so, if that. We went over my calorie goals and the foods that I’m eating and well, then we discovered the problem and its going to be a big change for me.

This seems logical but its not what I’m used to doing and I’m not sure about anyone else, but almost everyone I know eats their big meal in the evening. Well, even though I’m in my calories, this is a big mistake. What do we do usually after dinner? We relax, we lounge, we go to bed….does our body really need that much fuel to burn to do those things? No. So what happens…it stores it.

So while I can definitely cover my "physical" need for fuel by doing what my trainer wants me to do: biggest meal is breakfast because we have the most of the day left, 2nd biggest meal is lunch still have majority of our day left….small meal for dinner…more like a big snack…no more "saving up" for dinner allowed. This will make my brain, my heart, and maybe even my stomach try to trick me with an "emotional" need for food. Ugh, this is gonna be tough. My trainer also asked me to get more protein in my breakfast and lunch, too..that’s kind of a "duh" but I think I wasn’t getting in enough because I was limiting my calories at breakfast and lunch in order to have say, a bigger piece of chicken/fish/meat/turkey what-have-you for dinner. Well, I can’t do that anymore. *SIGH* My body is holding on to weight because I’m not feeding it properly through out the day.

I’m going to have to take the time to make eggs, protein shakes, or cereal (like oatmeal) with protein in it (likely peanut butter/eggs/protein powder, etc). I can get more protein in my lunch be having dinner leftovers saved up for lunch of by cooking extra chicken breasts and stuff that are for lunches. I also need to stay away from stuff like lunch meat cause there is so much crap in them that can make me bloated/dehydrated etc that I can’t do the easy out of lunch meat, boo again. Same goes for frozen dinners, which can have enough protein, but also have too much other stuff that I can’t pronounce.

I need to get on the bandwagon of preparing my meals ahead of time for lunches, like all you smart eaters and planners out there. This is gonna be hard, I think I’ll be drinking lots of water and tea after dinner until I go to bed for awhile. I cannot take away my night time Skinny Cow or other mini portion controlled treat, but I will be eating smaller dinners.

Does this story/plan ring true for anyone else?

Does my plight of counting calories but eating them in the wrong order sound like that could be my issue?

Hmm, maybe my dependence on a bigger evening meal and a snack is something I need to talk to a therapist about? Or is it just cuz I grew up that way?

<3 Merbear

Oct 122011

My week has been going well. Over the hump day and moving closer to the weekend.

Last week was really tough for me emotionally, so I’m glad this week is just…normal…some might say boring…but I say its healthy and good for my heart and mind.

I have a new work schedule that jumps around my shifts as well as a lot of work learning about my new love, social media marketing.  Which means that the nights that I work later, I stay up later working on my marketing, which is usually followed by an early day at my full time job. This has resulted in me coming home from work, maybe eating and then taking a nap before hitting the gym.

Even though the schedule is kind of funky, I’ve been able to manage my eating, exercise and sleeping pretty well…which are all pretty important to losing weight (yes the sleeping, too!)

I make sure and have lots of easy to eat and healthy foods on hand for snacking. I’m really liking single serving hummus, Wholly Gucamole 100 calorie single servings, measured out pita chips and pretzels!  I also have lots of hand fruits of course, too….apples are obviously awesome right now.  The SweeTangos really do rock! Crunchy, juicy and tangy!

I am really feeling the effects and physically and mentally of eating as clean as I can, sticking to the basics, drinking lots of water and sticking to my guns with alcohol no more than once a week.

I do wish I got a little more exercise in this week, but I did lift weights this evening, I’ll be doing yoga on Thursday night and on Saturday morning I’m taking a bootcamp class for personal training clients only, so its a small group of people who know what they are doing!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Tell me about what you like about your week?

<3 Merbear

Sep 292011

Well poo..

If you fread my blog from the website vs. a reader, you probably have noticed that even though I lift weights twice a week, run or elliptcal 3-4x a week and don’t sit around much….my weight hasn’t budged.

I lost 4 lbs a few months ago, I have gone from a size 18 to a size 14 since January because of my workouts, I’ve lost a bit of fat, but not a lot, but my weight…is samsies!

My trainer asked me how I was doing weight wise and if we need to go back to weekly weigh ins just to help me get focused and stay on track.  We discussed what I’ve been eating and its not all that bad, but its not that great either.  I need to cut out the carbs that aren’t complex, besides maybe one cheat day a week. I need to eat simple protein, veggies and fruits can provide the carbs that I need..and I need to otherwise cut out the rice, pasta, taco shells, too much bread…boo.  She’s not telling me to go all Atkins or anything, just watch the carb intake and limit it to fruits and veggies the best that I can.

I was informed that eating when you are trying to lose weight is fuel, its not supposed to be interesting, fun, tempting all that special, its food, its fuel, its the basics and I need to stick to them.  I’m going to be hnngry and I can eat, especially after workouts, but no more cheating at least not til the weight starts coming off consistently. 

 I was given the example of “clean eating” to follow.  Simple ingredients, real food. I looked it up on Amazon and I saw a few books one being the “Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno and a couple of cookbooks that she has published to go along with it.  I think I’m going to buy them and try them out, let you guys know what I think! I just need ideas. I think I understand clean eating but I need some hand holding on what the heck to shop for and what to make!

Do you guys have any suggestions? Eating clean sounds good doesn’t it?

I better start cleaning out the cupboards and fridge!!

<3 Merbear