Nov 102011

Well, my body is fighting weight loss. While I can build my strength, my lungs and trim up due to tighter and strong muscles…I’m just not dropping weight like I should. I also count my calories and stay within 100 calories of my goal every day.

My trainer asked me this morning if I’d been losing weight, I told her it seems like I’m still staying the same…maybe 1 lb every few weeks or so, if that. We went over my calorie goals and the foods that I’m eating and well, then we discovered the problem and its going to be a big change for me.

This seems logical but its not what I’m used to doing and I’m not sure about anyone else, but almost everyone I know eats their big meal in the evening. Well, even though I’m in my calories, this is a big mistake. What do we do usually after dinner? We relax, we lounge, we go to bed….does our body really need that much fuel to burn to do those things? No. So what happens…it stores it.

So while I can definitely cover my "physical" need for fuel by doing what my trainer wants me to do: biggest meal is breakfast because we have the most of the day left, 2nd biggest meal is lunch still have majority of our day left….small meal for dinner…more like a big snack…no more "saving up" for dinner allowed. This will make my brain, my heart, and maybe even my stomach try to trick me with an "emotional" need for food. Ugh, this is gonna be tough. My trainer also asked me to get more protein in my breakfast and lunch, too..that’s kind of a "duh" but I think I wasn’t getting in enough because I was limiting my calories at breakfast and lunch in order to have say, a bigger piece of chicken/fish/meat/turkey what-have-you for dinner. Well, I can’t do that anymore. *SIGH* My body is holding on to weight because I’m not feeding it properly through out the day.

I’m going to have to take the time to make eggs, protein shakes, or cereal (like oatmeal) with protein in it (likely peanut butter/eggs/protein powder, etc). I can get more protein in my lunch be having dinner leftovers saved up for lunch of by cooking extra chicken breasts and stuff that are for lunches. I also need to stay away from stuff like lunch meat cause there is so much crap in them that can make me bloated/dehydrated etc that I can’t do the easy out of lunch meat, boo again. Same goes for frozen dinners, which can have enough protein, but also have too much other stuff that I can’t pronounce.

I need to get on the bandwagon of preparing my meals ahead of time for lunches, like all you smart eaters and planners out there. This is gonna be hard, I think I’ll be drinking lots of water and tea after dinner until I go to bed for awhile. I cannot take away my night time Skinny Cow or other mini portion controlled treat, but I will be eating smaller dinners.

Does this story/plan ring true for anyone else?

Does my plight of counting calories but eating them in the wrong order sound like that could be my issue?

Hmm, maybe my dependence on a bigger evening meal and a snack is something I need to talk to a therapist about? Or is it just cuz I grew up that way?

<3 Merbear

Oct 312011


Today I was inspired to set forth with my holiday planning.  Most might think, oh? What gifts will you buy? What cards will you send? What decorations will you put up?  But, that’s not the holiday planning that I’m thinking of.  Of course I’ll decorate and send out cards, but that is secondary.

The first, most important plan has to do with Goals!

Starting today..Halloween is the start of the challenging holiday season, inspired by Tara from A Life Changing Journey. I saw her posting on Twitter @Tidbits_of_Tara with the hashtag #DontEatTheTreat and I had to see what it was all about.

She’s starting off facing the holiday season by saying no to Halloween candy and she’s right, its not just a one day thing, its the discount candy for the next couple weeks, people bringing in leftover candy to the office with open bowls sitting around, and it expands into holiday treats being brought into the office, holiday parties, time with family that includes dinners, desserts and drinks….this is the beginning.

I really needed #DontEatTheTreat I have a bowl of candy corn in the house and we have a bag of halloween candy for the kids coming to the door.  Only I like candy corn, I bought it to put on a treat I made for work. (yeah oops, that was before my new goal)  I came home and dumped out the bowl of candy corn on top of yucky garbage.  The halloween candy that doesn’t get  picked up by trick or treat will either be dumped in the garbage as well, or given to my boyfriend who has lots of hungry boys that he works with and they looove candy!

Normally, I would keep a couple pieces for treats in lunches and stuff, but I can’t do that right now, I’m really trying to be focused and having candy in the house will  be “oh I’ll just have one before bed” then “just one before bed and one in my lunch” then “one before bed, one in my lunch, one after dinner” and so on.

That would lead to me being okay with a snack here and there on treats throughout the month of November, then extra desserts with thanksgiving, then holiday cookies and candy all the way through Christmas. Finally ending the year with New Year’s Eve over indulgences!

Well, this is NOT going to happen to me!  My plan isn’t like Tara’s but it is going to be a PLAN

Part I: Food Defense

– Halloween: #DontEatTheTreat – no office leftovers, no discount candy, no trick or treating leftovers

–  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners: Focus on the people, not the food.  My family eats pretty healthy, but I don’t want to overindulge. Ask ahead about the menu think about what are my favorites, what I can have any day, what is best for me to eat and what I should pass on. Fill my plate first with roasted veggies/salads then go back for starch/protein and finally ONE dessert

– From Thanksgiving to my Christmas vacation:  Office challenges!  Back to #DontEatTheTreat I do not need holiday candy, bars and cakes to enjoy the holidays. I think I’ll be posting and tweeting #DontEatTheTreat now through Christmas vacation!

– New Years Eve: Plan an activity that is engaging most likely with a group of friends, or make it romantic. Focus on new beginnings, blessings and love.  Plan ahead for a glass of champagne or a nice dinner, make sure I know what I’m eating

Part II:  Gear Up for the New Year!

I want to start off 2012 with a bang, so why not get going now!

I have two 5Ks to run between now and the end of the year and I’m considering a 3rd one on New Year’s Eve.

Turkey Day 5K on Thanksgiving here in Minneapolis and then the Santa Hustle in Chicago on Sat Dec 3rd!

I want to get a new PR on my 5Ks so I have a plan that my personal trainer set up for me! This will get me running, hopefully outside 2x a week if the weather cooperates and inside 2x a week after my weight training days.

4 runs a week:
Run 1: 30-40 minutes of 30 seconds 6mph sprint/2 mins 4.2 mph jog, alternating til exhausted 🙂

Run 2: 45-60 minutes of running at a maintained pace, aiming for 4.6 mph (hope to be outside)

Repeat 1 and 2 again.


Who’s with me? Who else has a holiday season plan?  

<3 Merbear



Oct 272011

This last weekend I road tripped to Chicago with my friends. We left early on Friday and got home late Sunday night.

My vacation eating mentality was so different than it has been ever before! I just automatically look for the best meal and snack options available because it is what I truly want! All the time! Even on vacation! Yaay!

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy a few Chicago specialties, but I definitely didn’t have an “I’ll eat whatever I want, its vacation!” atittude either.

For example at my friend’s Halloween party on Saturday night, there was Italian for dinner. A big catering container of pasta….mmm one of my favs. So I grabbed an empty plate and FILLED it with lots of salad! I then walked away from the food and  sat down to savor the salad. It worked, once the salad was gone I wasn’t drooling over the pasta Amy more, so I grabbed about half a plate worth and that was enough to satisfy my tastebuds and hunger!

Over the course of the weekend we did visit Shake & Steak and Dunkin Donuts once each to enjoy some local fare. Neither of these places are in MN.

Finally, probably my favorite “I beat vacation eating”meal was at Goose Island. I literally looked on the menu for what would sound good. I wasn’t searching for calories, fat, etc….I just was just going for good flavors and what my body was craving. I picked the autumn salad and homemade bread. My friend Corryn exclaimed, “Look at Mer with the healthiest lunch at the table!” I didn’t really plan it that way, I wasn’t just searching out the salad, I literally picked it because pears, nuts, bleu cheese.and a variety of lettuce with a pear vinagrette sounded amazing! It was, yum, go me!

I think my body is finally starting to crave what its supposed to be eating because I’ve been feeding it good food consistently. It works! Your body craves what you give it most!

Woohoo, that is all.

<3 Merbear

Oct 122011

My week has been going well. Over the hump day and moving closer to the weekend.

Last week was really tough for me emotionally, so I’m glad this week is just…normal…some might say boring…but I say its healthy and good for my heart and mind.

I have a new work schedule that jumps around my shifts as well as a lot of work learning about my new love, social media marketing.  Which means that the nights that I work later, I stay up later working on my marketing, which is usually followed by an early day at my full time job. This has resulted in me coming home from work, maybe eating and then taking a nap before hitting the gym.

Even though the schedule is kind of funky, I’ve been able to manage my eating, exercise and sleeping pretty well…which are all pretty important to losing weight (yes the sleeping, too!)

I make sure and have lots of easy to eat and healthy foods on hand for snacking. I’m really liking single serving hummus, Wholly Gucamole 100 calorie single servings, measured out pita chips and pretzels!  I also have lots of hand fruits of course, too….apples are obviously awesome right now.  The SweeTangos really do rock! Crunchy, juicy and tangy!

I am really feeling the effects and physically and mentally of eating as clean as I can, sticking to the basics, drinking lots of water and sticking to my guns with alcohol no more than once a week.

I do wish I got a little more exercise in this week, but I did lift weights this evening, I’ll be doing yoga on Thursday night and on Saturday morning I’m taking a bootcamp class for personal training clients only, so its a small group of people who know what they are doing!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Tell me about what you like about your week?

<3 Merbear

Oct 102011

After a weekend with some personal drama that could have affected my healthiness journey, I am proud to say that I worked through my feelings, talked with friends,  and stayed on track health wise! My mind is clearer and I don’t have guilt from eating my feelings, because I didn’t!

I reached out to one of my best friends when I was feeling bummed and she invited me to hang out with her for the day and I delved in to helping her fix up some things in her new apartment and we ran errands. We also talked about what was on my mind, so it worked out very well!

I am happy to report I stuck to my guns with my alcohol plan…I had two beers, on Friday, and that was my treat. I didn’t eat dessert at the restaurant on Friday night, I didn’t have any other alchohol this weekend.

 I got a nice compliment from my family on my mom’s birthay dinner on Sunday, that I’m looking nice..yay!  Oh yes, my mom’s birthday, we had a dessert, I ate about 3 bites of the strawberry topping and a bite of my boyfriend’s cookie, that’s it! YAY!

I also ran intervals on Saturday morning, I only had 20 minutes to workout so I did two minutes running as fast as I could and 1 minute walking. I went almost 2 miles…and it was my best speed ever!! Yes, it was only 2o minutes, but I plan to extend that to 30 and then 40…as I do that I know my 5K speesd will improve because my anaerobic ability is improving, which my trainer really wants me to work on!

Oh, I might have sneaked a look at the scale this morning, too…for some reinforcement on saying no to dessert and beer last night and making good decisions all weekend, its working, I should see a new low for the year come Friday…woohoo!

This weekend I also got lots of positive reinforcement and group therapy you could say by attending a Prior Fat Girl Meetup #PFGMeetUp on Twitter. The main author of is Jen and she is local here in Minnesota. This was not one of her big events where she had speakers or a schedule.  We just casually gathered and Jen had a few conversation starters, but we basically went around the room sharing anecdotes and experience. I felt strong and supported at the end of that meeting, too! There will be more…so check out her blog or follow #pfgmeetup or @priorfatgirl on Twitter!

Here’s the nice sized group of all different shapes and sizes that gathered to share some pretty close to the heart advice and stories:






<3 Merbear

Measurements in time

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Oct 072011

(I was trying to post this on Thurs but was having issues so excuse the late post)

Thurs, October 6th, 2011:

I’m feeling so much better today, my headache has not come back..I’m not as uber thirsty…though I am a little extra thirsty today due to my kickass workout this morning, but that’s expected and its not like…”my throat is the desert” thirsty or anything.

I’m proud of myself because last night I went to my favorite late night sushi happy hours and Wakame with one of my favorite new friends Kris!  I ordered sushi rolls….I ate once piece because I’ve been craving it for weeks…and then I started dividing…I put a certain number/variety of pieces off to the side of my dish for my lunch today, I put another set of pieces off to the side for my boyfriend…and I had left, a nice sized, mixed up variety of rolls, a reasonable amount to feel full but not gorge myself on sushi, which is usually my downfall…yay for making 3 meals out of one 🙂 (even if my boyfriend gets one of them, haha)

Kris and I had a lovely converastion, she always inspires me and makes me think about what I need for me and how I’m feeling about anything on my mind..I do my best to have her talk, too..because I love hearing about how she faces challenges and gets to the gym daily, omg wish I could do that! Maybe someday.

We also talked about time…..specifically how we measure ourselves in time, our goal in time. Now before some of you say, “Whoa! Didn’t I just read about this somewhere else?” Yes, you did, kinda…I thought about time after reading Jen, A Priorfatgirl’s post about measuring success in 24 hours.

What I want to talk about is something I remember from years ago that I learned about weighing yourself and what time preceeding that its based on.  So of course, the VERY immediate past affects your weight…like if you *just* ate, if you have to use the potty or not, heck if you drank a bunch of liquids in the last few hours…that is just a temporary effect, so I don’t mean that time.

What I mean is the week or week and a half or two weeks before you weigh yourself that Friday morning.  I learned that it takes 10 days for your behavior to reflect on the scale.  There is a good side and a bad side to this coin.  If you’ve been totally kicking but for only a week, you may not see that progress yet and it can be disappointing….and this is me telling it for two weeks, do it for 3 weeks, do it for a month…you get it..the good stuff with show up.  The other side….you can’t necessarily tell if you “got away” with a cheat or a flub on your journey just buy that weigh in a week down the line…so if you’re working to “keep off that chocolate cake”…keep doing it….until the next week..and then for a month..and then keep doing it!

Okay so my response might be getting a little weird but I’m going somewhere with this, which is kinda where Jen went…look at the big picture…she broke up with 24 hours…I’m getting all buddy buddy with long-term progress! I might be a bit stuck right now, but heck, since January I’ve gone down two sizes….that’s not so bad!!!  I’ve started lifting weights twice a week, I’ve ran two 5Ks,  heck I STARTED RUNNING since just April! 

I need to keep working towards being an active, healthy person and the weight will come off with it..right? RIGHT!

I’m still going to be proud of weekly or daily accomplishments…because I know they add the long term 🙂

So how are you going to measure? What do you measure? Is it just the scale? Is it just sizes?

Sep 292011

Well poo..

If you fread my blog from the website vs. a reader, you probably have noticed that even though I lift weights twice a week, run or elliptcal 3-4x a week and don’t sit around much….my weight hasn’t budged.

I lost 4 lbs a few months ago, I have gone from a size 18 to a size 14 since January because of my workouts, I’ve lost a bit of fat, but not a lot, but my weight…is samsies!

My trainer asked me how I was doing weight wise and if we need to go back to weekly weigh ins just to help me get focused and stay on track.  We discussed what I’ve been eating and its not all that bad, but its not that great either.  I need to cut out the carbs that aren’t complex, besides maybe one cheat day a week. I need to eat simple protein, veggies and fruits can provide the carbs that I need..and I need to otherwise cut out the rice, pasta, taco shells, too much bread…boo.  She’s not telling me to go all Atkins or anything, just watch the carb intake and limit it to fruits and veggies the best that I can.

I was informed that eating when you are trying to lose weight is fuel, its not supposed to be interesting, fun, tempting all that special, its food, its fuel, its the basics and I need to stick to them.  I’m going to be hnngry and I can eat, especially after workouts, but no more cheating at least not til the weight starts coming off consistently. 

 I was given the example of “clean eating” to follow.  Simple ingredients, real food. I looked it up on Amazon and I saw a few books one being the “Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno and a couple of cookbooks that she has published to go along with it.  I think I’m going to buy them and try them out, let you guys know what I think! I just need ideas. I think I understand clean eating but I need some hand holding on what the heck to shop for and what to make!

Do you guys have any suggestions? Eating clean sounds good doesn’t it?

I better start cleaning out the cupboards and fridge!!

<3 Merbear

Sep 142011

I don’t mean my running speed, but my life in general.  For the last week or so every couple days I’ve been waking up with a mild fever (99). As well all know, at 99 most daily functions are not affected, maybe a bit more sitting down and an extra blankie or sweater, but its not really a big deal. 

The first day it happened, last Tuesday, I thought I was getting sick, so I took the rest of the day off work and came home and tried to take a nap and take it easy the rest of the day. I thought it worked because I was fine, a bit tired, but fine the rest of the week.  On Friday I even ran around Lake Calhoun, which is a little over 3 miles.  On Saturday morning I got up and I was fine, too.

Sunday morning I got up, felt fine, but as I was getting ready for the America the Beautiful 5K my boyfriend gave me a hug and said I felt hot and sweaty, I took my temp, yup it was 99 again.  I didn’t want to overheat or overstress myself so I got back in bed, slept for a few more hours and did my regular stuff that day also taking Advil. I woke up again Monday and Tuesday morning with a fever, too..only 99 and it went away, without Advil by midday.

Okay so now we get to last night, Tuesday night. I go to the gym and do an upper body workout with my trainer, it went awesome, I felt great.  I go to the treadmill to start Bridge to 10K (B210K), for Week 1 Day 1 its 5 minute warmup, 10 minute run, 1 minute walk, repeat run/walk 3 more times, then 5 minute cooldown. The warmup is great, the first 10 minute run is great, so now I’m at the 16 minute mark…I start in on the 2nd 10 minute run….get 5 minutes in and I have to slow down at the 21 minute mark, then I need to WALK cause I’m feeling fatigued at the 23 minute mark, by 25 minutes I tried to speed up again, but not as fast and by 27 minutes I was feeling an empty pit in my stomach and kinda going crosseyed, I hit the stop button got off and sat down immediately.  Yeah, I basically made it through 1 1/2 of the runs.   I made it 2 miles.

Normally I can make it a 5K (3.1 miles) plus some, so I wasn’t even at the point that would have pushed my limit….unless…I was sick…well after consulting with a personal trainer I realized that while I don’t have a cold, cough, swollen glands, aches or pains….the fever burns a lot of calories and also signals that something is going on. The empty feeling in my tummy was basically hunger, my body was working so hard on fighting whatever is going on, that I need more fuel…thus the fatigue, too.  

On the way home I called my mom to see if she had any thoughts, my boyfriend joined in on the convo, too (hands free speakerphone in my car).  We came to the conclusion that my body and mind are stressed out. Not because anything *bad* is happening in my life, I just do too much.  I don’t have evenings during the week or quiet time during the day on weekends when I just relax and clear my head and just “be”. This is something I’m going to have to reflect on. I love seeing my friends, I love engaging with people face to face, but I also love my health, being able to lift weights and run, and of course I love my boyfriend, whom I live with and we can definitely spend quality time together that is peaceful and relaxing. I could get used to doing that more often 🙂

So,  I went home and had a protein shake, a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cup, relaxed in front of the TV, and went to bed early. I feel better today, a lot better, oh and hungry..hehe…I had oatmeal for breakfast and I’m planning pasta and cottage cheese for lunch.

This evening is Foo Fighters, so I won’t be cancelling that event, but going down the line I’m going to be a bit more concious of how many nights I plan out during the week and what I plan on weekends, too.  I think what really got me is the last couple of weekends I haven’t been sleeping in, and I’ve been go go go from early in the day events, to afternoon events, to evening events, then in bed late….I need those weekend sleep ins more often for starters.

Do any of you have any thoughts or suggestions on my conclusion?

Has this happened to anyone else?

<3 Merbear

Sep 072011

Yesterday I went home early from work because I was feeling a bit chilled/achy/feverish. I didn’t really have a cold or a cough, but I assumed maybe that’s what was coming on.  So I searched around the house for one of those “take this as soon as you feel a cold coming in and it’ll shorten your cold” types of remedies. Unfortunately we didn’t have any in the house and I was feeling yucky and sleepy so I just went to bed.

But, that got me thinking, I take daily supplements and then have many other supplements available to me for different situations (illness, workout recovery, clarity, energy).  How do we know what is good and what isn’t? Obviously most things that are doctor recommended (not like on TV, but you know by your own doctor) are things that you can rely on. For example, taking a daily multi-vitamin…that has kind of a “duh” factor.  But what else is necessary, there are lots of sources telling us lots of different things.

My daily regimen isn’t much, I take a daily multi-vitamin its generic and its not specifically for women because those hurt my stomach, my doctor said its probably too much iron for me, so go with the unisex kind of vitamin. I also take a Viactive calcium chewable every day, I figure it helps me get the calcium nudge I need if I don’t get enough from my food.  Since I switched to eating Greek yogurt, which doesn’t have as much calcium as regular yogurt, I want to make sure I’m getting enough.

I also will drink sports drinks, like Gatorade G2 to replace electrolytes after a particularly sweaty or hot run/cardio session. Also after I lift weights I drink a protein supplement shake within 30 minutes.

Those are my regulars, what are yours?

Back to feeling icky yesterday and still kinda icky today. So today I decided I’d try to pack in a bunch of vitamins and illness busters to try and keep whatever might be bugging my body at bay. 

Extra Vitamin C!


Power C-Machine 100% Juice Smoothie


Hydrating, lots of potassium, coconut water should be good, right?

Hmm, I also have a salad for lunch with herb greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, bleu cheese and walnuts…so lots of power packed into that lunch!
Any other suggestions about what can make me fight off a cold or whatever this is that’s coming on?
Yes, I’m getting as much sleep as I can. I did skip my workout last night due to my fever, but I’m still planning on my workout on Thursday morning so far, no more fever and I’m functional so I can move my muscles, I’ll be easy on myself if I’m feeling weak or something, always listen to your body!
Well, those are my thoughts for the day 🙂
<3 Merbear
Aug 232011


Hey all! I wanna talk about my newest running accessory! First off, I want to note that no one asked me, paid me, or suggested to me to talk about this. I just want to be safe and I want my readers to be safe!

So, Road ID is an id bracelet that is comfortable for exercising and provides space for your name, medical info, contact numbers and even a quote or motivational phrase! Mine says “Hey Runner – You Got This!” at the bottom. I purchased a really cute, purple Wrist ID Elite!

The point that I was convinced to get one was one day I was home alone and went out running. No one knew when I left, no one knew where I was going, thus no one would know if I was missing..freaky! That particular run I crossed a few busy streets and worried if anyone would find me if I was hit and went to the hospital! Paramedics, I’ve been told, do not check cellphones, wallets etc for who you are, they do look for IDs.

If you guys are interested I have $1.00 off for the next few weeks. It works for the first 20 people!

Use the coupon code: ThanksMeredith8723352

Any other essential accessories that you guys suggest?

What do you think of Road ID?