What a difference a workout can make!

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Sep 282011


Yesterday was a doozy of a day and I think I have a few more months of doozy days to come. Lots of stress being added to my personal life, thank goodness I have a place to live, food on my plate and family and friends who love me. I’m especially most thankful for Ryan, who is extremely supportive and comforting, that will help me keep my head above water.

But, what else helped me last night? My workout! I won’t skip a workout just because I’m feeling like a black cloud is above my head. I told myself I’d go to my trainer appointment, do everything she said, and try the best not to have a big frown on my face or a furrow in my brow.  My trainer, noticing I wasn’t my usual smiley self asked me what was up and I told her a little but also let her know that it will not affect my workout. I just put everything I had into thinking about each move, making sure my form was right, lifting as much as I could.

It worked….

As my workout continued, as I started to sweat out the toxins of the day and I guess the ones in my head, as my muscles were pushing and hurting, I was able to focus on me and my body and my effort. By the end of weight lifting I was feeling like a weight was lifted (see what I did there?) off my my shoulders, at least for the time being. 

I went on to do my Week 1 Day 3 run for Bridge to 10K, I ran four 10 minute intervals, for a total of 53 minutes on the treadmill.  I had to focus on my legs, on my thirst, on my sweat, on the minutes done and the minutes coming up. I glanced at my phone once in awhile to see what phase I was in, I glanced up at the TVs to see what was going on.  I looked around to see Ryan speaking to the training manager and smiled, I put my head down and pushed forward….all about me.

…..I felt strong, I felt in control, I felt….better

My mind is clearer, I feel that I can handle this, I will just go through step by step. I will tighten my budget, spend more quality time with Ryan, my family and friends. Life will be okay, it’ll just be tough for awhile.

I wanted to eat a big huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and sprinkles last night….but I didn’t..I had a Skinny Cow cup and a mug of diet rootbeer that I sipped slowly, it made me feel good to lay my head down in bed and know that I stayed in my calories, on my plan…and that I’m a workout rockstar.

…thank you for the cuddles Ryan 🙂

Thank you for reading all of you, I hope you found my story an asset to your own journey, if you can exercise, do it…..your body and mind will thank you.

<3 Merbear

Sep 262011

I took today off and instead of being up north like we intended we came home on Sunday night. Mille Lacs was beautiful, but a day was enough.

We enjoyed the lake, the beautiful day and watched the Vikes game at a local sports bar, then headed home.

My little chipmunk friend at the lake

Smith Lake

On our way home I finally got to try Freeziac! I’m totally obsessed with build-your-own at restaurants, and I’ve recently been craving frozen yogurt due to almost every other blog I read the bloggers have easy access to soft serve frozen yogurt, but not here in MN it makes me sad! I hope more Freeziacs open up….I made a lovely creation with cake batter frozen yogurt, raspberries, pineapple, gummy bears, cookie dough and OF COURSE rainbow sprinkles! This froyo is fat free, gluten free and Kosher certified, too!

Yummy nummy fro yo goodness!

I was able to get a lovely nights sleep and get up and leisurely get ready for a run.  I finally got a chance to continue my Bridge to 10K.  I just finished Week 1 Day 2 and I plan to do Day 3 tomorrow night, just shy of 24 hours rest, but I want to get on the ball with Bridge to 10K, I really need to be running 3x a week again!

Running this morning was slow and steady, but I loved it. 3.6 miles of leaves changing colors, bright sun and a light, cool breeze.  Running for 40 minutes (10 min run/1 min walk) is still challenging, but while jamming away to the Pandora workout station (endurance workouts) and just enjoying the day.  One foot in front of the other, I still run only about 4 mph, which is also I speed I can walk, but running just feels good.

When the android app I use called “Bridge to 10k” said to me “Great job, start your cooldown walk” I actually raised my hands up and cheered, laughed a little and finished my walk home.

Also, on my day off I decided to cook some pancakes, bake some banana chocolate chip bread and learn how to make beef stew in my crockpot!  I’ll review the banana bread and stew tomorrow, but I have to say the Kodiak Cakes I tried were recommended by Tina Haupert of Carrots ‘n Cake. They are really quick to make, super yummy pancakes. Mix together the box mix  and some water, and  create some good medium sized pancakes that are fluffy and filling!

Finally, I want to show off my cute new kitty Vader, he’s almost a year old and he gets along well with my other boy kitty, Shorty.


Vader dreaming

Bathtime for Vader and Shorty

<3 Merbear

Running on all cylinders again!

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Sep 222011

Yesss!! I’m back at full power!

Man it felt crappy to be tired, feverish, vomiting or dehydrated over the last couple weeks.  I think I’ve nipped this in the bud! For the first time in two weeks I will be attending BOTH of my personal trainer sessions and I am back to running! (Remember I tried last week and almost fell off the treadmill?)

It feels so good to have my arms and core a bit sore still from my Tuesday session and I’m looking forward to powering through some legs this morning! Then, to the second session of my first ever yoga class after work!  I’m so excited to learn more and get better, and for that lovely lovely corpse pose and relaxation at the end of the session.  I picked up some looser/lighter clothing for class so hopefully I won’t get sweaty palms and feet like I did last week.  I was doing great with the poses but towards the end my feet were wet and slipping!  Maybe it was a heat thing, so now I’ve even got my own sweat towel. Corryn let me borrow hers last week and wouldn’t let me take it home to wash it, eeew, hahaha, nice of her to take care of it  and help me out 🙂

I hope my illness on Saturday was due to a bit off not so great food or a slight bug and not my body purging *toxins*. I’m going to mention it to the yoga instructor, but I doubt any effect of yoga would be that severe. If it is, well I guess I was really toxic!

So I’ve got healthiness all covered for today, then on Friday I hope to get a run in at the gym before they close in the evening.  Then another run on Sunday, thus finishing week 1 of Bridge to 10K. There, I typed it out, so I’m gonna do it….Run on Friday and on Sunday…doooo iiit! I still haven’t looked at cooler weather running gear…I need to get on that…still open to suggestions! Where to shop? What to buy? I’m a freeze baby but I just love it outside!

I’m also successfully trimming down my social calendar.  Unfortunately I had to turn down an offer of a free brunch and conversation with lovely ladies on Saturday, but its for the best. Otherwise I’d have a day with 4 events and a chiropractor session in the middle (which even makes me cut short one event and have to run to the appointment!) I think I significantly kept my Saturday low-stress by turning down an oh-so tempting, really wanted to go brunch.  It looks like I’m basically keeping my Friday nights low profile because for the next few weeks I have Saturday plans…I think this is a good idea, to balance between Friday and Saturday, have one of those evenings at home to just focus back on myself.

Alright! Onward!

<3 Merbear

Sep 142011

I don’t mean my running speed, but my life in general.  For the last week or so every couple days I’ve been waking up with a mild fever (99). As well all know, at 99 most daily functions are not affected, maybe a bit more sitting down and an extra blankie or sweater, but its not really a big deal. 

The first day it happened, last Tuesday, I thought I was getting sick, so I took the rest of the day off work and came home and tried to take a nap and take it easy the rest of the day. I thought it worked because I was fine, a bit tired, but fine the rest of the week.  On Friday I even ran around Lake Calhoun, which is a little over 3 miles.  On Saturday morning I got up and I was fine, too.

Sunday morning I got up, felt fine, but as I was getting ready for the America the Beautiful 5K my boyfriend gave me a hug and said I felt hot and sweaty, I took my temp, yup it was 99 again.  I didn’t want to overheat or overstress myself so I got back in bed, slept for a few more hours and did my regular stuff that day also taking Advil. I woke up again Monday and Tuesday morning with a fever, too..only 99 and it went away, without Advil by midday.

Okay so now we get to last night, Tuesday night. I go to the gym and do an upper body workout with my trainer, it went awesome, I felt great.  I go to the treadmill to start Bridge to 10K (B210K), for Week 1 Day 1 its 5 minute warmup, 10 minute run, 1 minute walk, repeat run/walk 3 more times, then 5 minute cooldown. The warmup is great, the first 10 minute run is great, so now I’m at the 16 minute mark…I start in on the 2nd 10 minute run….get 5 minutes in and I have to slow down at the 21 minute mark, then I need to WALK cause I’m feeling fatigued at the 23 minute mark, by 25 minutes I tried to speed up again, but not as fast and by 27 minutes I was feeling an empty pit in my stomach and kinda going crosseyed, I hit the stop button got off and sat down immediately.  Yeah, I basically made it through 1 1/2 of the runs.   I made it 2 miles.

Normally I can make it a 5K (3.1 miles) plus some, so I wasn’t even at the point that would have pushed my limit….unless…I was sick…well after consulting with a personal trainer I realized that while I don’t have a cold, cough, swollen glands, aches or pains….the fever burns a lot of calories and also signals that something is going on. The empty feeling in my tummy was basically hunger, my body was working so hard on fighting whatever is going on, that I need more fuel…thus the fatigue, too.  

On the way home I called my mom to see if she had any thoughts, my boyfriend joined in on the convo, too (hands free speakerphone in my car).  We came to the conclusion that my body and mind are stressed out. Not because anything *bad* is happening in my life, I just do too much.  I don’t have evenings during the week or quiet time during the day on weekends when I just relax and clear my head and just “be”. This is something I’m going to have to reflect on. I love seeing my friends, I love engaging with people face to face, but I also love my health, being able to lift weights and run, and of course I love my boyfriend, whom I live with and we can definitely spend quality time together that is peaceful and relaxing. I could get used to doing that more often 🙂

So,  I went home and had a protein shake, a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cup, relaxed in front of the TV, and went to bed early. I feel better today, a lot better, oh and hungry..hehe…I had oatmeal for breakfast and I’m planning pasta and cottage cheese for lunch.

This evening is Foo Fighters, so I won’t be cancelling that event, but going down the line I’m going to be a bit more concious of how many nights I plan out during the week and what I plan on weekends, too.  I think what really got me is the last couple of weekends I haven’t been sleeping in, and I’ve been go go go from early in the day events, to afternoon events, to evening events, then in bed late….I need those weekend sleep ins more often for starters.

Do any of you have any thoughts or suggestions on my conclusion?

Has this happened to anyone else?

<3 Merbear

Sep 132011

I’ve been debating over the last couple weeks if I shoul start working on my 5K speed, or if I should do the next step, Bridge to 10K, for folks that have successfully completed Couch to 5K and want to work up to a 10K distance.

The options I were weighing included the fact that I feel so slow when I do a 5K, I want to just “be part of the pack” and run with at least the medium speed runners.  But also, I loved how I felt completing goals in the C25K program. Its so awesome to finish Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Week 1,  Week 2, Week 3…etc. 

Also, when I was doing the “intervals” part especially of C25K, I lost a whole pants size…I think the drive to get in those 3 runs a week, plus the fact that I was doing intervals to keep my heart and lungs guessing, did wonders for me.

Finally, wouldn’t doing intervals in Bridge to 10K also help me speed up my 5Ks? My legs would be getting stronger, so why not? I’d be getting stronger, thus faster, for any distance I want to go, right?

Also, a big factor is my good friend Corryn, whom I mention all the time, is also starting Bridge to 10K this week. We basically did C25K together, too. She is a running inspiration, we have tried manythings together this year when it comes to being healthy. We used to bar hop, go to house parties and meet at restaurants (which we sometimes still do), but more often now we meet to run, bike, check out a farmer’s market or attend a health conference. So much better for the both of us!

So I’m ready to do this! I’m going to use the B210K app that can be downloaded for $1.99 onto my android phone, its the one produced by Guy Hoffman, I liked the C25K version so this will work well. I can listen to Pandora, turn on Map My Run to know my stats, and the app tells me when to run and walk, also it will signal me to “turn around” or give me time intervals if I want. YAY!

What do you readers out there think?

Have you done this or C25K?

Follow my progress by clicking on “dailymile” in my sidebar if you want to! I hope to start losing some pounds again, too..not just maintaining.

<3 Merbear