Jan 112014

I realized that I have only  blogged 5 times since the last Fitbloggin’ in June.  I always have a lot to say, but it never comes to mind when I have time to sit down at my computer, or once I do those thoughts become irrelevant.

I want to do a good, the bad & the ugly, but backwards and not so much negativity, here goes:

The Ugly:

  • I was laid off in November
  • I am the biggest I have ever been (I have been using the “F” word too many times to describe myself lately and it needs to stop)
  • I may not make it to Fitbloggin’ 14 because I need a job and that job also needs to allow the time off

The Beautiful:

  • I love myself, inside and out – The Emily Program has taught me so much about myself, overcoming and living with my eating disorder, and accepting who I am and soon I will be able to thrive
  • I have been enjoying my marriage for over a year now to my wonderful husband, we have settled in to our new home and I am just so grateful to be here with him
  • Over the last few years I have developed some amazing friendships and I’m so thankful for the people who have brought us and held us together.  I also am so grateful for the many people who have been my best friends since forever. Friendship is so important.
  • In the last year I’ve learned what I truly love to do…human resources, recruiting, writing, speaking, social media, and volunteering for causes and events close to my heart

The Great:

  • I have several leads for human resources positions
  • I went through 3 months of Physical Therapy and now I can finally get back to my regular workout schedule, so tied in with my new intuitive eating skills, my body should start to reflect the love I have for it on the outside, too
  • I can afford to pay for Fit Body Boot Camp with unemployment money, so thankful for that!
  • My generous parents may help me get to Fitbloggin’ 14 through an early birthday present so here’s hoping!
  • My husband and I are going on our honeymoon, FINALLY, in February to Cancun!!

My Can Do Plan:

  • Continue to explore intuitive eating, be aware of feelings, food and fullness.  Choose to use loving limits — with a weight loss goal
  • Attend Fit Body Boot Camp 5x – 7x each week and kick butt
  • Drink lots of water
  • Remember to eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks and have them be well rounded with at least two types of nourishment (a.k.a protein & grain or fruit & milk)
  • Truly appreciate the blessings in my life daily

<3 Merbear


  4 Responses to “The Great, the Beautiful and the Ugly”

  1. Hon — I’m so sorry to hear that you were laid off 🙁 (that job brought you to DC!!)
    HOWEVER, I’m really proud of your focus on the positive and handling this with grace and ease (even if you’re faking it).

    <3 you

    • Haha Robby –

      I’m not faking it 🙂 I am focusing on the positive. I now have to figure out OTHER ways to get to DC! 🙂 Thanks for the props!
      <3 Mer

  2. Hi Merbear,
    I follow you on facebook! I am sorry that you haven’t been having luck losing weight. I know that you have been going to the Emily project for a really long time. If it’s not helping you lose weight or make progress in the direction you want I suggest change. You can’t do the same thing and get in a habit. Since you are laid off you should be in the gym 24/7 doing cardio, strength training and you have plenty of time to cook and prep healthy food options. I would be using this time to change yourself! Hire a trainer and have them kick your butt. Step out of your comfort zone and do something for your future, family, and to better yourself.


    • Hi Molly,

      Are you sure you were paying attention to my post? I truly appreciate that you follow me on Facebook, THANK YOU! I’ve been going to the Emily Program since spring and my anxiety and eating disorder symptoms have all but disappeared. In order to heal myself from my eating disorder I had to take away food rules (the simple way to explain it) and learn to eat intuitively. Now that I’ve worked my way through that..I’ve gotten to maintenance. I will start losing now because my physical therapy is over (I hurt my back which prevented me from doing a lot of exercise) and I’m going to Fit Body Boot Camp 5 days a week. That is a lot of cardio and strength combined. I did mention that in my blog, too. That I’m exercising again. I work with personal trainers at boot camp. I totally agree that trainers kick your butt, I’ve been working with trainers for the last 6 years. I am bettering myself as well. Thank you for your support.

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