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Food planning, food prepping, eating food, shopping for food, reading menus, reading nutrition labels…thinking about food when I’m not hungry, thinking about food when I am hungry.  Worried about what I eat before I eat it. Tracking every bite that goes into my mouth. Researching nutrition of every bite that goes in my mouth in order to track it.

I’m so sick of food! I want it out of my brain!  I hate having to constantly think about it!

I did a tracking challenge for the last 8 weeks and I succeeded. It was called “Progress not Perfection” and it was put on by Dani Holmes-Kirk..she is a friend of mine, a Weight Watchers leader and a blogger on “Weight Off My Shoulders”

The challenge was to track at least 5 out of 7 days a week for 8 weeks. Well, I tracked 7/7 most of those weeks. One week I was 5/7 and another I was 6/7, but I succeeded. It was January and February. Guess what? I didn’t lose weight. Nope, I never lied on my tracker…but I was constantly over points.

In the last two weeks I’ve made a push to get more activity in daily, its the focus of the month for Weight Watchers and I saw I need a minimum of 12 points of activity a week, which I wasn’t getting. So I walk more/run more I made a plan to do that in order to pump it up.  But guess what? I’m eating all those points…and still going over. BUT, at least its WAY less over than it was before.

I reset my “start” weight at WW last week hoping it would help motivate me only see the scale go down, but I fear I’ve failed again and the scale is going to go up on Wednesday. I’m exercising my butt off today and Tuesday in hopes to at least come out at a maintain…ugh, I hate food!

I’m hungry right now and I’m afraid to eat something because I’m afraid that its going to be the wrong thing to satiate my hunger and then I just wasted points on something that didn’t work on making me feel full. I will eat don’t worry, obviously I eat. But ugh, every day this is a challenge.

Then, if I go enough days without filling myself with what I”m craving, I finally bust out and eat a cheeseburger on the weekend or something. Which technically its fine, but I tried so hard to fill a craving all week that I really don’t have enough points for it.

Thanks for listening to me complain, I would LOVE if you guys have any ideas for staying within my points (if its calorie limits or food choice goals for you guys, that’s cool, too)!!

<3 Merbear

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  1. Okay, Mer…here are my 2 cents. Weight Watchers is great, I love it, but it is a tool, not a method. Counting points is great and I do think it works, but more importantly, you need to find a diet (as in foods that you eat, not in the dreaded d-word) that works for you. This is what I’ve been going through. I’ve realized that I have some wheat issues and am taking that out of my diet. I am moving towards Paleo (although I don’t know if I’ll go that far), but I’m still counting points.

    So, look at the past 8 weeks and don’t worry about the points, but look at the foods that you ate. Do you see patterns? Do you notice things that did not satisfy you or things that did? Once you figure out the foods that work for you, the points will fall into place.

    • Melinda, good advice…I will do that…see what worked and what didn’t. I have some guesses, but seeing what worked will help me with meal planning (ugh) and make it easier to enjoy everything and have it work for my body!

  2. are you focusing on power foods, ? and meeting your daily requirements? the vitamin, the liquids, the fat fruits and veggies? Are you measuring by weight instead of by volume? Are you eating a lot of stuff that comes prepackaged? Remember when I was weighting my bread to get the calorie count per slice, some of the other things i tested out were other stuff that comes prepackages like crisps etc, and they were off by enough to make a big difference!
    I’d suggest focusing on power foods, whole grains lean meats, lots of veggies, and challenge yourself to give up anything that you aren’t making yourself for 2 weeks. This includes coffeeshop drinks. It sucks but it might help.
    Be aware. *shruggs* Nutrition info on menu’s is a guide, not gospel. I always over estimate, its safer that way, i’ve known too many people that worked in kitchens… oil and butter are everywhere, and your food is getting more of it than you think.

    • Kris,

      I think you and Mindy are on to something here. She said to look at what I was eating and see what satisfied me. Now you are suggesting going for more power foods, stuff that I have to prepare….its more trust worthy, I totally agree with you there. Looking at what satisfies me and then “cleaning up” what I’m eating is a great idea. I don’t know if I can make that a life change, but I can take baby steps towards it. I know what you mean about nutrition info on menus, too..I usually overestimate on purpose as well.

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