Jan 232013

As you all know I’m a WW member now and wow, the program has gotten so full of helpful habits, tips & routines.

This month the routine is adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal.  I had to remind myself at first, but now I do it automatically. It might seem like a chore at first…but adding a banana, strawberries or a melon to breakfast; cherry tomatoes, an apple or oranges with lunch; or,some salad and cooked veggies with dinner has really made me feel fuller and more satisfied with my meals and snacks. I am actually now starting to crave certain veggies..like roasted brussels sprouts!

One habit I am SUPER proud of though is planning out my meals and points before I eat them.  This is a slow habit to build because I’m not a very good meal planner. But, knowing what I’m going to have for dinner…really helps me to stay on track all day. I’m looking forward to my yummy planned ahead dinner and I know what snacks/meals I can have during my work day and not feel guilty or worried about “fitting in” dinner.

Last night I made Steelhead trout. This fish tastes and looks exactly like salmon except it is more tender and has less fat/calories/points and the same amount of protein 🙂  By the way it was really easy, I just cooked it in a packet of foil in the oven at 375 for 15 minutes. It was PERFECT. (Oh, I put lemon juice, a couple sprays of olive oil, salt, pepper, onion powder and dill) It was a household favorite!

As part of my counting up points before I eat them, I had a Vietnamese take-out victory today. We went to a local, only open for lunch during the week, Vietnamese restaurant to pick up lunch for work today.  I ordered the chicken & vegetable stir fry with fried rice.   I already had my breakfast points in my tracker, I also have my homemade baked chicken fingers for dinner in there too, and then I put in the chicken & vegetable stir fry (2 cups).  After that…I saw how many points I had left for the day. Determined I wanted a snack with points this afternoon combined with my apple, so I took that out. Then, I saw how many points I had left and I MEASURED out 1/2 a cup of fried rice (I keep measuring cups at work!) and threw the rest away!!

Measured my fried rice!

Measured my fried rice!

Threw the rest away!

Threw the rest away!




How about that?  Rockin’ the healthy habits!!!

<3 Merbear



I’m all set for Fitbloggin’ 13 in Portland! I hope to see you there!

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  1. Great choices, Mer! I When I actually plan ahead I do much better too. It’s the planning ahead part that kills me.

    • Yeah I know! In our WW meeting today we all had to plan a dinner using “power foods” and make it less than 10 WW PP. Power foods are like super healthy fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. We had 6 minutes to do it. We all were able to do one! So 6 minutes…7 times…42 minutes…that’s 7 dinners! 🙂 Then put the grocery list together and bam! Try it, sit down with a couple cookbooks or websites with nutritional information (like Hungry Girl or Slender Kitchen) and give it a try!!!

  2. Way to go!!! I had NSV today…. I wanted these delicious chocolate covered graham crackers from the cafe at work. I checked my points calulator and 1 of them is three points….there are two in the package. Well, I had ONE and put the other away, for tomorrow 🙂 Also I swapped that for my PM sweet snack, which has been a 100-cal pack (3 pt) Keebler Choc. Covered Grahams. The ONE was way more satisfying than the whole pack of those little ones, cause it is real, delicious chocolate…mmm! 🙂 yay for NSV and counting points. You go girl.

    • Awesome Leah!! That was a totally good swap and great planning! We’ll have to swap recipes because you are a way better cook then me! I hope you figure out cool ways to doctor up those traditional recipes you always come up with!

  3. Good job! Sounds like you are really getting into some healthy habits.

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