Nov 202012

This has been my first week on Weight Watchers after losing 40 lbs on Slimgenics January – November.

Let’s say, I thought it’d be easy…like WAY easy. With Slimgenics I had extremely limited choices and it was emotionally hard and a lot of work to make sure all my meals were within the lists of allowed foods etc.

On Wednesday I started Weight Watchers Points Plus and I was ECSTATIC to have choices again in my life…basically…if its food…it has points…and you can eat it……

well….I did…..

Umm….guess how that went? Well, I’m talking emotionally and what I think I’m in for….I haven’t had my weekly weigh in yet.

Yeah… know that WW phrase that goes “Write it before you bite it?” Yeah, should have done that…cause whenever I do….its perfect…I make a good choice, take the right portion (which sometimes is don’t eat it at all). I learn lessons of exchanging this for that. Heck, I made it through a day with macaroni & cheese, beer, candied popcorn & peppermint bark without going over points..but it was cause I knew what I was in for at the beginning of the day and I was super aware.

I’m also dealing with the fact that I started an Active Link assessment in my first week, too.  For those of you that don’t know, an Active Link is like a fit bit, you wear it on your body and it records your activity and then you upload your activity to the Active Link folks and then it turns around and reports to you how many activity points you’ve earned.  Well, during assessment week…you wear it, you do your normal activities…but you don’t get to “earn” the activity points on your tracker.  So for a couple days I guesstimated…we know how that goes…then a friend advised that I manually do my activity points and keep track of how many I earn and then use on a piece of paper…well I did that…oh and I was in the HOLE…by quite a bit. So, I’ve been extra active this week making up the difference…been pretty good, too…until..ummm….I just sat down now to track my lunch…

…..I went to Caribou….

….I trust Caribou and their Northern Lite drinks….

….They have a Lite version of the new Caramel Budino…uses skim milk, and no whip…how bad could it be…..??


***update*** the regular one with skim milk and no whip is 20 the NORTHERN LITE SALTED CARAMEL BUDINO, medium sized, is 7!! YIPPEE!

How many points do I get in a day? 29! Did I have any weeklies left…no…can I make that much up in activity today cuz I weigh in and reset tomorrow…umm…no…maybe I could get 5 points for activity, but that’s it…I’m not super woman

Do I need to eat dinner tonight and am I even sitting here hungry right now for a snack at 4pm? YES!!

Okay okay….I’m done first week back, my first weigh in back, I’m sure its going to SUCK BIG TIME….but life happens….from this point forward….and I’m sorry if you’re one of my friends and we’re going out for dinner or trying to decide on something to eat…or my husband and I’m meal planning….I am going to:


Which is going to involve way more planning and thinking ahead than I thought I’d have to do. But this is worth it because this is a life skill that I was trying to avoid since I left Slimgenics and hated all that planning.  But yeah, I need to do this…I get more choices..and more food choices are worth it. Cuz I can make much yummier stuff than I used to.

I made 3 brand new recipes this week that I’d never tried before and they were a hit with my husband and with a house guest we had one night. They were planned ahead, healthy and tasty!! So, I look forward to doing more of that and less of all the stuff that went crappy this week.

Oh and…starting Thursday….I actually get to TRACK and SEE how many activity points I’ve earned and used….I think I got a bit frustrated with that and I shouldn’t have done my Active Link assessment the first week of Weight Watchers….I had to many other things to figure out.

I’m still nervous about my weigh in tomorrow…maybe it won’t be that bad???

<3 Merbear

I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THE NORTHERN LITE CARAMEL BUDINO IS NOT 20 POINTS,  thank goodness for finding the right nutritional information…but still, I should have found it BEFORE I drank it, not after.

  3 Responses to “**update** Oops, lesson learned….a few times…okay maybe a bunch of times…”

  1. I’m super proud of you for acknowledging the issues, and for already having a plan for how to get back. Funny, I actually found the “freedom” of Weight Watchers to be harder for me at first because it’s sometimes easier to just not have something than to try and control it (for me). Anyway, whatever your weigh-in reports, you’re doing great and should be proud of all of your hard work.

    • Thank you Heather! Yeah all these choices are a good thing, but can be overwhelming! I posted about a month ago about how one day I woke up and just didn’t want to eat at all, purely because I didn’t want to face any choices that day! Crazy how our brains and emotions work!

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