Sep 262012

Howdy folks!

Okay so yeah I’ve been home from Fitbloggin’ for a few days, but I had to decompress, get back into real life…and mull things over.

Now I can say, wow, Fitbloggin’, I haven’t ever experienced so many different feelings and learned so much all in one place, EVER.

Connecting with online friends to become in person friends . Meeting brand new people and creating new and wonderful friendships.  I met fabulous men and women from all across the globe (here’s looking at you @pinkypie).  I found new blogs to follow, holy cow I think I have at least 20 new blogs in my reader, I’m so excited to keep up with everyone!

I learned new tools, like using YouTube for vlogging-watch out folks, I will post some videos now! (thank you Sarah Dussault).  A new friend, @skinnyemmie, presented on the ins and outs of driving traffic to blogs with social media.

Tara (@tidbits_of_tara) and Meegan (@redstar5) helped us all share stories and support each other’s journeys…whether that was weight loss, maintenance, feeling like we belong, anxiety, depression, motivation or just showing love for one another by leading a discussion on “When You Have A Lot To Lose

I collected lots of swag..whoa, so much.  I left for Baltimore with a full size suitcase only half packed (I had been warned), I came home with a 51 lb, packed full suitcase, plus a stuffed full carryon AND a yoga mat from NatureMade slung over my shoulder!!!

Reebok, McCormick Spices for Health, Weight Watcher’s Cheese, Unilever Spreads Good to Know, Jump Sport Fitness, Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, Florida Grapefruit, Refuel Got Chocolate Milk, Beef Checkoff, Nature Made, American Cancer Society, DetermiNation, Eggland’s Best, Popchips, SoyJoy, puravit.body, fitmixer, BistroMD, ZonePerfect, attune foods, and biPro


Of all the swag though…my favorite:  Reebok Realflex shoes

Reebok Realflex crossfit shoes


During the conference I did a crossfit workout and a trampoline workout in these shoes. When I came home I walked around downtown Minneapolis all day, too. These babies feel awesome….I’m pretty sure I’ll buy the running version of them for regular running use.  This model was described to me as a cross-training shoe and a saw lots of Fitbloggers running the Fitbloggin 5K in them on Sunday morning, but I probably wouldn’t run further than that (in my opinion only) in this particular shoe vs. a running model.  My foot, personally, needs more support for running more than 3 miles.  Walking and cross training though, these are the BOMB.

On a more personal note, this weekend I was kinda had this weird feeling, like maybe my story and my journey weren’t good enough, or tough enough to fit in with the other folks there.  So many tough stories of losing over 200 lbs, car accidents, spinal injuries, family deaths, eating disorders….and these amazing people overcoming them, coming through them, achieving their goals.  I kinda felt like a fraud….like..well..umm..nothing really bad happened to me….I was just overweight cause I ate too much and was lazy….yeah…that’s me.  Nothing traumatic to blame or overcome or learn from…just, yup…lazy and ate too much.  I was kinda feeling bad about that, like who am I to be here, all proud of myself, when I really haven’t done anything except count calories, exercise and lose weight.

I expressed how I was feeling like a faker to Robby(@FatGirlVsWorld). I told her how I felt like I don’t have a reason for being overweight, I don’t have a story…and she explained to me….that I do, “I just need to become more self-aware”. She went on to say, “As you become more confident & self-aware, you will learn your story, the reasons why, and you will become confident & strong.” She was also helping me feel better about how I know, this time, as I become more self-aware, that I will keep the weight off…because I will know myself better than before.

I want to make sure and thank Robby for being so strong, rational, reasonable and motivational to not only me, but to the many men and women she sat down and had a heart-to-heart with over the weekend, and the people she hugged, patted on the back, rang a bell for, shared a #GoTheDist wristband with, and overall encouraged to be awesome….because she loves us…..WE LOVE YOU, TOO LADY!

Alright, that’s it for now, phew…

<3 Merbear

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  1. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there 🙁
    Definitely going to Portland though!

  2. Hey girl! I’m so glad you posted this because I felt the same way! I was thinking during the session with Tara and Meegan “Eeek! I’m fat just because I eat too much and don’t exercise!” Robby is so wise.. love that girl… and so glad we met! xoxo

    • Thanks for letting me know that you felt the same way! We all have our story, we are all genuine and deserve to love ourselves and cherish our journey, for every reason…even if we don’t know what it is yet, we all have a story.

  3. you’re just buttering me up b/c you want to win the kitchenaid, eh?
    okay, all kidding aside, I’m sitting here at work getting all teary eyed….
    One of my #1 rules is “leave no one behind” — if someone has the courage to tell you what’s on their mind or in their heart, then the obligation is to be there for them as best you can.
    I mean, I’m not a therapist or a psychologist, just someone who ahs been there before. I’ve told and retold my story so many times and each time something new unfolds, a different part that took time, patience, or perspective to see.
    And you’re right, it comes form a place of love. You are all my friends, you are all my family. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re alone in this process. I know how scary it is, and how important it is for each and every person to be the bearer of the light for someone who is following them, to say “the dark tunnel ends.”

    • Hahaha, okay so now I’m just thinking of butter…spreading it on….

      …okay all kidding aside, thank you for sharing all of yourself with all of us. I’m going to try and do the same, just as Alyssa just commented on the post saying she felt the same way…I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t share….sharing is good!

  4. I felt the exact same way at FitBloggin and Robby is so right. Thanks for posting this. PS – I love these shoes too.

  5. loved meeting you last weekend Mer! Seriously it was so much fun hanging out with you!

    we all have a story. sometimes we don’t even fully know what the story is. I honestly don’t think you reached your point from being lazy and eating too much. Then there had to be a reason you were “lazy”, if you know what I mean?

    But I get the faker feeling. I don’t have a big story, but there is something there. I wanted to talk more and I didn’t, I didn’t want to take the moments away from everyone else. When you know your story and you want to share it, I’m here to listen, and maybe then I can also share something back.


    • Yeah..I need to figure out why I didn’t care about exercising and why I ate too much in my past..and well, why do I do it now? I know that it started out with #1 wanting longevity and #2 vanity….and now I love running and the endorphins so its also #3 fun (most of the time, haha!)…but seriously…until my parents/being more aware of needing to be healthy as I became an adult/wanting to wear cuter clothes/wanting to be sexy…made me think about losing weight…I bugged me a little..but I didn’t care. Suggestions to join Weight Watchers when I was 20ish made me join and lose weight…but it never stayed off…until now…still fighting my way to a healthy goal (lean body mass wise) and I know I want to stay this way..and I’m motivated to do so. Oops, that was a long answer! Maybe I should post about it, hah! No, not yet, need the beginning of the story first.

  6. So, so glad I got to meet you and can’t wait for Portland next year.

    We all have a story, and none is any more worthy or better than the next. No matter the life we’ve lived or the reasons behind the weight, we all have to work hard to get where we want to go.

    You’re awesome.

    • You’re awesome, too! I’m elated that we got too meet as well. Both professionally (I love what you do!) and as a friend, I’m excited that we have connected! You’re right, we all have to work hard to stay on track and get where we want to go!

  7. We all have a reason for gaining and losing our weight. Yours is no less significant just because it doesn’t have a smack you in the face answer.

    It was so wonderful to have you there and to meet you. Fitbloggin has introduced me to new people I truly consider friends and I’m happy just for that.

    • <3 thank you, you're so right.

      I'm also extremely pleased that I connected with new friends and that the two of us spent some extra time together chatting :-)

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