Sep 162012


Do you ever have one of those days where you don’t want to start eating? Not because you’re afraid of food, or you’re wanting to starve yourself, but you just don’t want to do the work of planning the meal, making the meal, and recording the meal. It just,  once in awhile…feels like too much?

This happens to me…and its not because I want to be *bad*…its not because I want to eat foods that are off my healthy eating plan or something….I just, ugh, I’m feeling lazy…that’s all, plain and simple.

You folks know I’m finishing up Slimgenics now, but I’ve done Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, Sparkpeople, Ediets…all those things…and none of the eating plans really have a….”do whatever” type of plan.  Its obvious why, if I’m not conscious of what I’m eating…then the eating *can* go bad, so why would any plan want that to happen.

I always end up eating on these days, because like I said I’m not for starving myself or anything.  But, I usually do it when I am quite hungry and I’m annoyed at being hungry because it doesn’t feel good. Then I begrudgingly write down what I ate, which is usually an apple, or peach or something that is easy for me….and I move on..throughout the day, being annoyed at recording my food.  Again, not because I’d rather be eating bad for me food, just kinda, meh, about forever having to think about what I eat.

Usually by the next day I’m over the feeling and it goes away for at least a week if not more. Most of the time if it happens its on a weekend…when I want to turn my brain off.

Will I ever be able to turn my brain off about this stuff? I mean I remember to breathe, to blink, to look both ways before crossing the much longer til I can just eat right? Ever?

I don’t really have a solution besides the fact that to survive, I eat…so don’t worry about me not doing that..


<3 Merbear

  2 Responses to “Plan, prepare, record…..when will it be natural?”

  1. Man… good questions. I don’t think I can do this justice, but I think what you are talking about wanting to do is eating intuitively, and do think it’s possible. And not that I judge other choices, I actually think this is the best way to eat. I’ve gone through strides of recording my food, but eventually I lose interest. It doesn’t mean I’m eating horribly, I’m just done with the micro management. I’ve learned a lot about food and nutrition by counting calories and trying out diets, so I see a lot of validity in those practices. However, I usually like to take it easy on myself – I still eat balanced but respond to body cues as opposed to external cues. That being said it’s easier for me when I’m in that mode to let things slip and every so often I have to jump back on the calorie counting / food management train to put things in check.

    I also think low sodium and sugar consumption is useful when managing cravings, but that’s another story…

    • I totally agree with how eating less sugar & sodium helps reduce cravings. I think almost every “diet plan” I’ve been on has tried to teach that and I’ve experienced the good effects of cutting down. I’m just hoping to be able to teach myself to listen to body cues.

      Thanks for helping me think it through. I think I will do more research on intuitive eating and learning how!

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