Aug 232012

Oh boy people…I’m running & biking the Minneapolis Duathlon on SUNDAY!!

Duathlon Wave: 24 Tran: 3

What this means is I start at 7:24 AM people!!!

My predicted times:

35 minute 3 mile run

60 minute 15 mile bike

40-45 minute (I hope) 3 mile final run

Total predicted time: 2 hours and 15 minutes plus transition times. So maybe 2 hours and 25 minutes taking into account that the last 3 miles is going to be *hard* and I don’t know how to officially transition, just one practice day on that, besides at home.

Oooh my friend @kellybeeeee Dream.Strive.Succeed that is also running is in an earlier wave but the same Transition area as me! #3! Yay!

I am SOOOOO nervous! I understand transitions because I did one Duathlon training day sponsored by Team Ortho…and I’ve done run/bike/run on my own a couple times…but I’ve never done it in an official type of setting…I’ve never run or biked on this trail, I’ve been told its a great time though and not too challenging…other than the race itself, hah!

My friend @amyalbrecht Destroying Dead Ends just mentioned to me and this has been mentioned before, I believe by @rubyleigh Foodalyst ….that Body Glide is my savior for these transition events….@amyalbrecht has done Iron Girl and @rubyleigh just completed the YWCA Triathlon!!! Their accomplishments totally motivate me to try this multi-sport event myself! I’m too chicken do to swimming just yet, but maybe one day!

I’m looking for any other tips you Triathletes, Biathletes, and Duathletes have for me! Yes, I am doing this in basically 4 days, but I could still make a quick trip to the running store or the bike store…or run a few laps or try some biking tricks…so fill me in!

Also question…the total running for the event is 6 miles. Its been a couple of months since I’ve ran 6 miles in a row (at the Minneapolis Marathon I did a 6.2 mile portion for the relay). Before I did that I had *never* run 6 miles…the longest I had run was 5. Over the last few months I’ve been doing lots of 3.1 (5K) runs. Is it too late for me to do a long run on Thursday or Friday with 6 miles on the docket for the Duathlon on Sunday? Should I do maybe 5 miles or 4? I know I can do 5Ks…should I just do a get-ready-for-the-Du 5K run and go with that?

Thanks for any comments/help you guys might have!!!

<3 Merbear

  4 Responses to “Duathlon..eeeeek! Got input for me?”

  1. OK, well, I’ve never done anything but run. I know nothing about biking or transitioning, and especially about swimming, but I’ll tell you this – enjoy the experience. Make sure you look around and soak in every gorgeous moment you get to do this. Enjoy your body and what it can do. And I’ll see you at the finish! I’m running the last leg of Mel’s du 🙂

    • Manda you are the sweetest and I love that you are so encouraging…I do have to just be in the moment and focus on how awesome it will be to have the ability to “Du” it..haha, get it? Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Having done this event last year, my biggest piece of advice is not to get flustered in the transitions. Use them as a chance to focus your mind on the next task you have to perform. I went into my second run envisioning my legs as strong enough to run after already running and biking. I was slower on my 2nd run leg, but the mental exercise of feeling strong really helped me. I was smiling as I started the last mile, knowing I would finish.

    This year is going to be interesting for me. Last year, I felt great going into this event. This year, I am not feeling very well in the weeks leading up to the event. All I can do on Sunday is try to finish and do as well as I can. I may not beat last year’s time, even with a shortened bike leg, but if I can finish, it helps me remember that I can persevere and complete a goal in less than ideal conditions.

    I think you’re going to do really well, and you’ll be ready to sign up for next year’s Du after crossing the finish line…. I know that’s how I felt last year. 🙂

    See you in Corral #3 on Sunday morning!

    • Kelly – I hope you are feeling better soon, it sucks when we can’t control what is going on and have to just push through. But, of all the people I know you are one of the *best* at persevering, heck you ran a marathon lady! 🙂 But, you know this. I’m so glad we’re in the same corral!!! Thank you for the tips and the thoughts about focusing. 🙂

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