May 052012

I told you guys about the jelly beans a couple weeks ago.  I made that was a few jelly beans…and it didn’t affect my weigh ins the following week…but even if it had..I was cool with it…I made a purposeful decision to have a few jelly beans.  My boyfriend made a decision to have some lemon heads…and we moved on….it was cool..and its in the past.

So, last night I was out to dinner with my girlfriends…at a mexican restaurant…we picked it as our version of a little Cinco De Mayo get together.  We went to A La Salsa at Midtown Global Market…great place, lots of choices…lots of authentic mexican can have chicken, fish, steak, grilled veggies, cactus leaf stuff, tamales, rellenos, enhiladas…they have the stuff americans want..the mexican classics…and some fabulous traditional mexican dishes.

I made my decision….a mole covered 1/4 chicken (white meat) dish. It came with corn tortillas…I was going to have one (that is on my plan)…not eat any rice and have grilled veggies and no beans.

Well….then there was corn chips in front of me.  I went over the menu…looked at the corn chips…my friends can vouch for me, I didn’t dive into the tortilla chips as soon as we sat down…I stated “let me look over the menu and see if I can have some chips”.  I shouldn’t have even done that….fried, fatty corn tortilla chips DO NOT equal a fresh corn tortilla Meredith…WHY are you even thinking of switching them out….

..but I did…I haven’t had a CHIP since January..I decided I could have a few…instead of the corn tortilla…so I did…and I didn’t feel guilty..and I moved on.

Well…now its the next morning…I dunno if I’m guilty, or if I’m sorry that maybe the scale has “caught me in the act”.  I don’t feel like having a few chips..and honestly it wasn’t very many, my friends could tell you that…not even half of the little basket…I counted, I had maybe 10-15…honestly.

I think I’m just PISSED that the scale isn’t down like it normally is on Saturday mornings…UGH, I depend on my Saturday mornings as a nice loss as a push through the week….I lose  little during the week, too..but its Saturday mornings that are my big loss, the one I officially record, etc.

I’m the same as I was last night…and MORE than I was last Saturday…like by almost two pounds. I also have TOM coming up so that’s fighting me as well.  So I’m sitting here saying “why did I do that? why did I have chips?” but its not because I don’t think it was okay to have chips, but because its making me mad at my weight and the scale. YES, I’m still down just shy of 40 lbs…..but UGH…stupid scale.

I’m going to have some cleansing tea, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, drinking hot lemon water now..maybe it’ll take the “edge” off some of this bloating….going to weigh in at Slimgenics in about 3 hours…wish me luck…..

<3 Merbear

  4 Responses to “Aah! I don’t feel guilty, stop it brain!”

  1. g’luck Mere! It happens.. just gotta move on and keep on keepin on! you can do this!

  2. For me, Mexican always shows up as fluid retention for a few days. You are headed the right direction. It is all about coming to terms with portion sizes and making those swaps when you know you are going to make an unhealthy choice. Enjoy the weekend and drink plenty of fluid.

  3. I agree with fergukj – it was probably sodium, not the result of 10-15 corn chips. You are making mindful, aware decisions – and that is what is important. That, and you’ve lost 160 sticks of butter. Dang girl! So sorry I missed you all last night – but we’ll fix that shortly! You’re still doing a great job!

  4. Definitely the sodium.. I notice it after eating popcorn – I’m always up the next day. TOM probably isn’t helping either.

    Try not to focus to hard on one pound this way or that from day to day. It’s the pounds added up that count! I’m SO SO proud of you and how far you’ve come physically and mentally. 😀

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