May 022012

Turns out I walk a little funky, which wasn’t a huge issue….until I became a runner. Now, running 3x a week and sitting at work 5 days a week make my hip joints and related muscles sore.

My personal trainer is helping me by giving me ways to focus my posture when walking, standing and running. Basically I need to make sure my hips are “locked in” tilted forward. Those who do yoga or even who know correct form for able crunches should know what I’m getting at. The correct form makes my hips, pelvis and feet point forward and even a little “out to the sides” more than my normal, incorrect posture.

She and my chiropractor also gave me stretches and exercises to strengthen and stretch out my legs and hips. I’m currently working on getting in and out of a chair with only one foot on the ground and no holding on! It’ll strengthen my glutes and help my hips stay pivoted forward.


That’s my main focus right now is no more hip pain. It shows up right after I run and persists at least a day, which is no bueno.

Anyone have anything to add?

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  1. I have a twisted pelvis so I’ve had hip issues all of my adult life.When I was training to walk a half marathon, my hip sockets felt like they were filled with glass shards. Keep stretching and hopefully you will get through the painful period!

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