Apr 222012

This weekend was excellent!  Friday night sushi with good friends, Sunday pedis and lunch with another good friend, date night on Saturday night with Ryan, a 4 mile run with a 12:30/min mile average and a great family birthday celebration for my sister. 

Slimgenics had us limited to raw green veggies and unlimited proteins on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. But, the kinds of proteins we can have are opened up to some items that are not normally allowed like ALOT more shellfish….Ryan and I definitely took advantage on date night! We went to Bubba Gump and had the steampot….which has  crab legs, mussels, shrimp and clams! Yum yum!



Okay so for the oops…on our date night we went to see Cabin in the Woods…if you are a Joss Whedon fan, go see it! Dont’ listen to the reviews, just see it.  Aside from that we decided that we’d allow ourselves a movie snack….I didn’t go for popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos or anything along those lines…..I chose to have cherry Jelly Belly’s.  I figured..they are fat free and I have never EVER gone off plan. I needed a sweet treat, SERIOUSLY!  So, is that an oops..or an I planned it and that’s life?  I felt guilty this morning…but then…after thinking about it, I don’t. I didn’t have very many jelly beans, I truly enjoyed them, I run my butt off 3x a week and it was a special treat. (I’m not going to put them on my food log for the Slimgenics staff though, shhhh)

Today at my sister’s birthday dinner I didn’t have ANY cake or ice cream, I just ate salad and protein just like the weekend’s plan told me to I didn’t even eat any non-plan veggies or anything, I’ve been a good girl! I also ran today, too! So I am SUPER hungry. 

I feel good 🙂

<3 Merbear

  4 Responses to “Oops….or maybe not?”

  1. This makes me want to go to Bubba Gump shrimp!

    Also, I think Jelly Beans are AOK.

  2. Way to go girl! Guilt is the enemy, especially when you are doing so well. So your attitude is spot on!

  3. I think you did well. You allowed yourself a treat, but it didn’t spiral out of control. Good job!

  4. You did excellent! It’s all about balance and you have done a fabulous job 🙂

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