Apr 012012

On Saturday I had my first long run assignment from my Runner’s World Smart Coach program. As I’ve mentioned I’m running a 6 mile portion of the Minneapolis Marathon as part of a fabulous relay team of awesome girlfriends! I’m doing an eleven week 10k training plan.

So far on the plan I’m following the guidelines and pacing myself at an easy sustainable pace, but it seems I’m already getting used to the 2 miles and my 3 miles wasn’t too big of a stretch for the long run. I was prepared to run slower than on the treadmill cuz #1 outside seems more challenging #2 I hadn’t done a 3 mile training run yet and #3 my 5ks take me over 40 mins still.

But, I got myself out on Lake Calhoun and just thought, “Mer, it’s nice out here, you don’t have a goal pace, just a distance….you aren’t trying to keep up with anyone….just use this as an opportunity to enjoy the lake, relax your mind and just go…”

So, I did….and I ran the fastest I ever have for a sustained amount of time, with no stopping, no walking….just going…. 12:40 minute mile for 3 miles! Yaaaay MEEE!

<3 Merbear

  4 Responses to “Proud Moment”

  1. Congrats, woman! You inspire me daily.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful non-scale victory. I recently ran my first 5k outside, too. That was challenging for me, but I’m running my first 5k race in April. I had to tell myself the same thing, too… Just relax and do it. You don’t have to go fast. And I agree with you that running outside is more challenging. Maybe it’s the inclines? So proud of you!

  3. You rock! Congratulations on a great run!

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