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Hey Courtenay! Thanks for inviting me to play the getting to know you game! Check out Courtenay’s blog Autopilot Legs!

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules

2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.

3. Answer the questions they set up for you in their post.

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged.

Random Things about me!

1. I have a motorcycle license and I’ve ridden and driven motorcycles. I kind love them though I don’t own one. I wear Harley branded clothes pretty often!

2. I have one of those “we walked uphill both ways in a snowstorm” type of stories and I’m not even old!  My high school choir went on a road trip and we had to pull off on the side of the road due to ice and our bus got stuck in a snow drift in North Dakota!  Somewhere between getting on a new bus and loading up into a hotel for the night, I got frostbite on the corner of my right ear and a tiny little bit is missing!

3. I absolutely hate fennel…in everything. I hate sausage pizza and many other fennely things because of it.

4. I’m trying to change my career..at almost 35 years old..I’ve been in the world of investments and brokerage firms for 12 years…but I graduated with a degree in Scientific and Technical Communications….I interned on a web team at Cargill, I worked for America Online during and a bit after college, I had a job with a Tech Comm company for a few years after college, too…writing, editing, doing quality assurance…I want to go back to it..and I’m getting there!

5. Besides for about a year in my early 20s I’ve been fat my whole life…I didn’t really care or think about it until I was in college when I started walking all the time and not eating between meals….then joined Weight Watchers.  It all came back and then some…now I feel like I’ve been struggling with weight since I was about 23 years old….ELEVEN YEARS of it…I’m so done…yay Slimgenics!

6. I love working out..I love getting sweaty…but umm…taking showers I find incredibly annoying. I don’t mind getting in the shower, getting wet, washing my hair…ugh but shaving my legs SO ANNOYING!  Getting my hair all ready to look normal again, SO ANNOYING! Either drying my hair and straightening it or having wet hair all day? SO ANNOYING. I would work out more if there was a way I didn’t need a shower to do it :/  I feel like it takes up so much of my time!

7. The reason I started running was because my friends were doing it. I’m still running because I want to run 5Ks as fast as my friends and I want to be on par with the people who’s Twitter accounts I follow and blogs I follow that can run 5Ks in 25 minutes, that can just plain DO 10ks…etc. I do like it, I like the accomplishment of finishing a race, I like the way I feel when I’m done running….I like how GOOD it makes my legs look.  But sometimes I kinda wish I could brag about how well I did on an elliptical 5K, heehee.

8. I’m a night person, I could stay up all night blogging, reading, watching TV, Twittering…but I can’t…cause I need to workout and go to work in the mornings…cause that’s what my work schedule tells me to do. I miss it.

9. I want to be a stay at home mom that fosters pets and has a social media job from home.  I can’t wait to have kids one day and hopefully stay home with them, too. But you bet I’ll still have a job and mommy group kinda stuff to keep my extrovert self entertained!

10. I really like my Snuggie that was hand made by my good friend Corryn 🙂

11. Even though I’m losing weight because there is diabetes, heart disease, etc in my family and its dangerous health wise to be overweight. I’m also doing it because I want to look hot for a beach vacation with my boyfriend 🙂

Questions from Courtenay:

1. What was the turning point in life that lead you to a more active/healthy lifestyle or has it always played an important role?  Hmm, I think when I got to college I finally realized I was fat and it wasn’t healthy. I think I just wanted to be skinny for vanity sake.  All I did then was try and lose weight and diet though.  Really starting a healthy lifestyle which I know I will maintain for life started after a very good friend of mine passed away from what we believe was his heart (it was sudden).  I realized that I want to be healthy for me and for my loved ones. I joined a gym, I started personal training, I started running and now I joined Slimgenics for help getting the weight off.

2. What is your career and is it where you want to be? If not, what would your dream job be? I’m a financial consultant, no its not where I want to be. I want to be in social media marketing..I’d love to work for a company that sells food or drinks and promote them!

3. What was the best day of your life so far?  When Ryan gave me a key necklace as a symbol of me having the “key to his heart”

4. Who in your life has had the most positive influence on you? Why?  Its not one person, its the healthy online community I’ve found through Twitter, Priorfatgirl, the Fat to Fit pack on Facebook  and my healthy friends!  Having a community that has healthy living goals like me and friends that make choices that I want to make is key for keeping this up my whole life.

5. Are you a picky eater? If so, what foods absolutely disgust you? If not, what’s your favorite food that you never get sick of?  I’m not picky I eat pretty much EVERYTHING. Except: fennel and green peppers. I never ever ever ever get sick of plain spaghetti with a little bit of butter and a little bit of parmesan cheese.

6. Chocolate? Vanilla? Neither?  CHOCOLATE

7. What’s your favorite form of cross-training?  Yoga, does that count? If not, elliptical

8. If you run races, what’s the best race experience you have ever had?  The Victory 5K in Minneapolis, MN last summer…first 5K where I ran the whole thing without walking!

9. What was your very first job? How long did you work there?  Hehehe..YMCA Camp Kici Yapi! I was a jr/assistant/senior counselor there over the course of 3 summers…plus I was a camper there for MANY summers!

10. Favorite TV show or movie?  SPACEBALLS

11. Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who??  Well touched or met? LOL. I met Garrison Keillor…I touched Gavin Rossdale’s rear end with both hands, took a nice handful, as he crowd surfed over me at a Bush concert.

Okay, here we go! My blogger friends who’s blogs you should visit and I hope they’ll keep the game going!

I admire these bloggers as my friends and inspiration to keep me going.

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My 11 Questions for them to answer on their blogs:

1. What is your main reason for living a healthy lifestyle?

2. What would you say is your “go to” quick emergency snack?

3. What is your favorite exercise and why?

4. Why do you blog?

5. Dogs? Cats? Both? Neither?

6. Have you “given up” any foods for healthiness reasons? Will you ever have it again? Why?

7. Are you doing or have you or are you considering a paid-for weight loss program? Which one? Why do you do it or how did it help you? If not, what are you doing on your own?

8. Tell me about a dream vacation, one you’ve been on or one you’d like to go on.

9. What do you use to blog mainly? Mac? PC? iPad? Phone? and where do you find yourself when you are blogging…desk, couch, coffee shop, bed, kitchen table?

10. Introvert (recharge with alone time) or extravert (get energy from people)?

11. What is your favorite quote that keeps you motivated?

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  1. YAY!!! I loved reading your answers! Thanks for participating! I really enjoy reading your blog! 🙂

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