Dec 302011

On our Fat to Fit Pack group on Facebook Misty asked about our goals for 2012 and I thought about it and I want to list them for you guys, too! These are my health/body related goals…I have some jobby job goals, too…but I’m MUCH better at those than the health ones…so that’s why I’m getting out on my blog!

1. Run faster and further this year than last year
2. Get to goal, that’s about 60 lbs, we’ll see how I feel as I get down there
3. Start a nutrition program to help build menus and get in the habit of eating right all the time so my body craves it
4. Keep going to the gym 2x a week for weight lifting and keep running 3x a week
5. Wear a bikini, IN PUBLIC, this summer, and feel good about it


Run Faster and Further – I know that the fastest I’ve run a 5K is 38 minutes…so I want to beat that, I’d like to consistently run a 10 minute mile, that would make me so happy, right now I’m at about 12:30 – 13:00…I *can* run faster than that, about 5.8 mph, but I can only maintain that for about 5 minutes and I need a 2 minute break after.

Get to Goal – I’m ready to stop maintaining and really kick this extra body fat in the butt, my boyfriend wants to join me. 60 lbs needs to come off! The fast that I’m signed up for 7 races will help keep me focused and running for goals so I’ll be exercising/doing cardio consistently and not just weights which I do 2x a week

Nutrition Program – Not sure what this will be, if I just need a trainer to write me a strict menu, or if I need something stricter like Medifast or Slimgenics. I need to learn to eat and my body needs to eat up my body fat.  I need something stricter than Weight Watchers though..its too many choices.

Gym Attendance – I successfully maintained going to the gym 2x a week for strength training last year..ALL year, besides a few vacations, not skipping, but literally out of town…so I’m good at that..I also need to do 3x a week of cardio…I sometimes only do 2x a week, on my strength days, I need to get in that 3rd trip and stick to it!

Bikini- I love water, swimming, beaches, boating, being in the sun….but I hate swimsuits…I think one pieces are SO ANNOYING…I also don’t like swim skirts or any pieces that are for hiding my figure. I have to wear that kind of crap I only go into pools for exercise or with VERY close friends and family I will go to a hot tub….but no way on the fun in the sun type of stuff.  NO MORE. I’M TIRED OF THIS! I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH AND WEAR A BIKINI THIS SUMMER DARNIT! I will, too. (oh and it won’t be a hideous mess, my body will look GOOD in it!)

Okay I do need some opinions…first off, should I do something drastic like Slimgenics or Medifast? What are your opinions of them? Any other suggestions. I’m burned out on Weight Watchers..I did it for years, it worked once and now its so easy for me to *cheat* on it…I just can’t get into the mindset for it anymore.  Or maybe there is a book or two I should buy that will tell me what to eat…not style of eating…but literally what should I eat, so I can learn to cook and crave what I need to be eating.

Am I missing anything vital in my goals?

What are your goals?

<3 Merbear

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  1. Those are great goals. All intertwined and so realistic!!

  2. Awesome goals!

    As for your ? I am loving the new plan I’m on and seeing great results. If you want me to give you more info just let me know 🙂

  3. Great goals!

    As for the nutrition plan, I would be careful about doing medifast or slimgenics. You can’t do those indefinitely and, once you come off them, you won’t have the habits needed to maintain what you’ve lost.

    I understand your thoughts about Weight Watchers. I’m not a fan of low-carb, but I’ve heard (I haven’t done it, though) that South Beach works well without being too low-carb. It is actually very similar to the new Weight Watchers plan, just more regimented–which it sounds like you need.

    As I said, I’ve never done it so you’d probably want to talk to someone who has to see what they think.

    By the way, my weight loss blog is still up on SparkPeople and you can subscribe to it without being a SP member. It is at:

    • Thanks for the tips Mindy! I’m going to keep the “maintenance” part in mind. I’m going to meet with people about the plans and see what they offer for maintenance, its one of my main decision makers.

      I subscribed to your spark people blog!

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