Dec 292011

First off…I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season…Happy New Year coming up! If you want to know my major plans for this year…read my race schedule so far here.

Seriously, I know people are influenced by their peers, the people they look up to, the people they are learning from and definitely by friends and family.  I’m am now a classic example of being influenced by my blogging community!

When I first started reading blogs about weight loss I started reading Run, Eat, Repeat and Hungry Runner Girl.  Both of these lovely ladies are avid runners, very fit and pretty much eat whatever they want.  They both have HUGE salads and a love for frozen yogurt in common.  After reading their blogs for a few weeks I started craving frozen yogurt and huge salads. Well, the huge salads were NOT an issue, easy to fulfill that craving…lots of grocery stores and salad bars as far as the eye can see in my area.  The frozen yogurt on the other hand….I’m in Minnesota, its not that popular….then….I can’t even believe it, someone heard my constant wishing and hoping….5 minutes from my house a place called Yogurt Lab opened.

~~~magical happy sounds~~~

Wee oo weee ooo, mangoes, strawberries, lychee ball things, blueberries...and some Go Lean Crunch!


Another habit I’ve picked up from these girls, plus many other healthy bloggers both local (lots of great friends here #f2fpack on Twitter) and around the US…is RUNNING! You guys know that from my post about 2012 races that I already mentioned. But also, I’m in love with having goals to run for and swag! OMG, my favorite swag so far…that I just picked up yesterday, is for the Resolution Run 5k at 5pm on New Year’s Eve.  I know a few girls running this and than you Jen for the heads up on the awesome jacket and this race!

Running Room Technical Jacket, warm!


I’m also just in love with gear and for Christmas through the use of an REI giftcard and an Athleta gift card I’m even BETTER equipped to run outside. I have new Brooks Ghost Rider shoes with Gortex in them…yay! Step aside snow and puddles (if we ever get any).  I also got this vest from Athleta with down lining, lovely side pockets and chest pockets w/a spot to pull my headphones through. So nice!

Running Vest from Athleta and Brooks Ghost Rider w/Gortex shoes


Today is a leg rest day and so is tomorrow!  I may do a little bit of cardio tomorrow, but it’ll be light, I wanna workout with my friend @angieinmsp!

I’m so excited for the Resoution Run on Sat and then the Polar Dash on Sunday! Yay for starting off the new year AWESOME! I’ve been doing Couch to 5K again…but FASTER aka at a faster pace..I’m not done with the 9 weeks yet, but I think I’m getting better at maintaining a faster pace, I hope it turns out well for me on Friday!

I’m going to write again tomorrow about goals for 2012.

<3 Merbear

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  1. OMG I want that purple vest! I love it!

    Get your run on girl 🙂

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