Dec 012011

I loved it!!

Only costs $1, parking is free, the Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) people staffing the entrance were super nice, helpful and encouraging.

Its easy to do! Tuesday and Thursday nights, just park for free behind the dome, walk in the first door on the bottom level, pay your $1 and walk up the stairs.  Right up there they have a men’s and women’s bathroom open.  People leave their bags along the wall, its encouraged not to leave valuables, though!  The path is split into two lanes…the outside lane is for anything under 7mph….there were some walkers, too!  The inside lane is for speedy gonzales runners doing 7mph or more, basically speedwork.

There was music playing through the dome speakers but @corryn and I plugged in some headphones instead. 2 1/2 laps around the dome is 1 mile and you can count them off by the 40 doors evenly spaced around.  So when we saw our starting door twice plus 20 doors past we knew we did a mile! We went 2 miles this evening. The temp in there is nice, just wear what you’d put on for any indoor treadmill run. Corryn said she was a bit chilly at first in her tank top and capris, but it didn’t last long once we got going.

I’m planning on going a bunch more times with @corryn when I can and with some other twitter friends! I’ll be running with @angieinmsp on the 15th if anyone would like to join us!

Here is a link to more info about the dome run!

Well, I’m about to back and hit the hay early, gotta be on the plane for Chicago at 7am tomorrow morning! Then I’ll be running the Santa Hustle 5k on Saturday! I’m so excited! I’ll report back!

<3 Merbear

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  1. That is a really neat thing for the winter! Way to go, girls!

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