Nov 302011

This morning my friend @amyalbrecht posted on Twitter to the #f2fpack:

“I’m making today good food choice Wednesday! The goal is to stay under my calories, work out with the Wii tonight AND blog about it”

Well this week I’ve really needed a kick in the butt. Right as she was posting that I was posting on Twitter @merbearmn:

“I’ve been tracking but since Friday I’ve been ~ 200 cals over my daily goal!….”

So then I thought, you know what, I’m going to join Amy in the challenge and I invited Sarah @fabchallenge who’s been looking for some motivation to join us, too!

Well, I’m SO glad I made the decision…as soon as I walked into the break room at work this morning someone and brought in ALL THEIR LEFTOVER PUMPKIN PIE! For the love of…@#$%* but I had my challenge, and some days I might have tried to “budget” it in and given up a few healthier things in my lunch and snacks to eat it, but not today! No way! Today was Good Food Choice Wednesday!

I ate a yummy spinach salad with sunflower seeds, blue cheese, leftover turkey and tomatoes on it.  I also had a snack of my favorite Chobani 0% Pomegranate with blueberries mixed in!  I realized, if I just eat this stuff, its good, its filling, its tasty, it makes me feel good and it throws a better party in my mouth than Doritos or cookies ever will! Seriously!  Cause the party keeps going..instead of getting instant gratification of a cookie and then feeling guilty after…you get the gratification of something tasty AND you feel good which helps us make MORE good decisions!

Head on over to Destroying Dead Ends to see how Amy did! Then head over to Sarah’s blog Finding My Fabulosity and see how she fared!

I have one more day of work this week…which will start out with weight lifting, then elliptical and after work running around the Metrodome! I’m pumped for some temperature controlled running that isn’t the treadmill!  I’ll report on how it was!

After Thursday I have Friday through next Wednesday off!  I’ll be in Chicago for the weekend, I’m going to run the Santa Hustle 5K! Its going to be featured on the Travel Channel! We’ll be wearing santa beards and technical Ts that look like Santa Suits! YAY! I’ll take pics and post about that for sure, too! 🙂

<3 Merbear

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  1. HAH! I got stuck at work until super late and then we had issues with our range so we are trying to fix that so I will be updating tomorrow night.

  2. Have you tried the pineapple Chobani? I tried it yesterday and it was delicious.

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