Nov 282011

I planned ahead and wrote about Thanksgiving Day and weighing in on Friday morning after Thanksgiving. I’d like to report that my Thanksgiving Day went fantastically! I ate one plate of food at my parents’ house and one plate of food and one dessert at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and that was that! I didn’t feel overstuffed, I felt satisifed, and happy to enjoy my time with my family and his family. I was pleased with myself by the end of the night.

I also ran the Turkey Day 5K on Thursday morning…which didn’t go as well as I hoped. The run was beautiful, through downtown Minneapolis and along the river..I really loved that part. But, my rear end started to not cooperate in the middle of the run. Every time I put my left foot down it stung a bit. I actually started to get used to it and go with the flow, but then I dropped my phone! So I had to stop to pick it up and I fooled around with it while walking and it wouldn’t work 🙁 So I gave up and just trotted along to no music. That totally messed me up, I can’t do it, I need a beat to keep my going or choruses to run through. But I tried my best then my lungs stopped cooperating. All month I’ve been recovering from strep and have a chest cough that keeps popping up. Well the 5K made it pop up. I had to do a lot more walking and it took me 42 minutes to finish the 5K. Not my best time, but not my worst either.

I have learned a few lessons though:

– I need secure my phone, my new winter running jacket doesn’t hold it.
– I need to get back on the treadmill and run in a "warm" temperature so I can build my lungs back up
– I need to maybe try some running with no music so I don’t get so messed up if I lose my music source

Okay so that’s the running lessons. The rest of my weekend was super fun after Thanksgiving Day. You’d think that after my victory of eating well and weighing myself on Friday morning I’d have a super focused weekend and eat well. Nope. On Friday night I went to play cosmic bingo…and while I *had* planned to have a fun coffee drink..I should have planned with more resolve. I had my frozen mocha mint with whipped cream. But then, there were $1 hot dogs and $2 nachos *sigh* I got caught up in it, I didn’t have a cosmic bingo casino plan. It started with me getting "too fun" of a coffee drink and then I just kept going. Boo. I did TRACK it all though, so there’s a bonus?

Saturday…the morning…started out excellently! Hit up Brueggers and had a skinny bagel with just cheese and egg…YUM! I had meant to go running, but my throat really hurt. The rest of the day was pretty routine and nothing of note. Then we went to a friend’s house for scary movie night! We make dinner and then watch movies. We made oven-fried chicken (basically homemade shake ‘n bake, healthy!) and waffles (not so healthy). My friend also had some Christmas cookies set out, okay so what happened to my #DontEatTheTreat resolve??? I had maybe 4 cookies! Ugh! Then, I may have had a beer or two. Sigh…no good. Although I did only have ONE waffle and the chicken was healthy! So that part is good!

Sunday, slept in until 12:30pm…that was full of awesome, haven’t done that for MONTHS! Boyfriend and I had planned to make brunch at home so we got to it! One almost grease fire later…oops on baking the bacon..haha….we had a good spread. I should have just had my two eggs, two pieces of bacon and one serving of hashbrowns…but I also had a couple more pieces of bacon and a bagel, too. I did have V8! Althought, this meal was breakfast AND if I counted the calories that way, not so bad. Then I went to a hockey game…started with meeting my friends at the bar first. Where I had a "skinny" drink and a garden salad with ahi tuna on it. Okay good start! Ummm…until I had ice cream (which was planned) and then mini corn dog dippers and a beer (unplanned). After the game I felt really gross, wonder why? I came home, watched TV on the couch with my boyfriend, ate a bowl of cereal and went to bed early.

So this is a really long post, and yeah I’m posting my food cause I just had to get it out and share what happened somewhere. It just sucks how I was so on track on Turkey Day and then I just went bust…boo!

I’m glad I did a 5K this weekend but I should have done more and I should have been more on task with my eating….so what’s next?

#1 Track before I eat something
#2 Be more cognizant, why am I eating, am I hungry or is it just fun?
#3 Hit the treadmill or the pavement, 2x this week, to start with
#4 Report back on my progress 2x this week on my blog

Okay…lets do this!

<3 Merbear

  4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend In Review – Food, 5K, Fun”

  1. Sometimes the most important things are the lessons we take away. Sounds like you took some lessons away from the weekend.

    Be proud of getting out there for a 5k and being in control of your food choices throughout the day!

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend–I’m jealous because I’m still in recovery mode and can’t do much. Oh well!

    As for the pain in your back end….that sounds like piriformis pain and you’d better watch it, or it can develop into piriformis syndrome. I had this after my son was born and I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks.

    Basically, you need to be sure that you stretch your piriformis muscle very, very well after every workout. You’ll still feel twinges when you work out, but it shouldn’t be too bad if you get your muscle stretched. A “grapevine” stretch (I don’t know if that is the real name…it is what I call it) is a good stretch. You can google it and find more.

    • Mindy – I hope you start feeling better soon! The tummy pain only lasted a couple weeks for me, the worst was gone after a few days.

      My rear hurts because I fell.down the stairs on it a few weeks ago. No permanent damage, just intermittently sore. Boo.

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