Nov 222011

….I start thinking about maybe doing my weekly weigh in on Thursday morning or maybe Sunday instead of Friday morning.

If I think I’m ready for Thanksgiving, if I have a plan in place….I know what I want to eat, what my strategies are for new foods, how I will organize my plate and focus on socializing with family….then why do I not want to weigh myself on Friday morning?

Why should weighing myself on Friday morning be an issue? I’ve been good all week. I’ve counted my calories, done my workouts, drank my water..I’m even pumped up on MyFitnessPal posts in the time line with my friends that follow each other.

Do I want to give myself an out? Just in case I want…hmm…what would I want that would send me off the hook into a eating too much frenzy?  Turkey? no. Stuffing? not really. Peas? Heh, haha, umm no. Gravy? I only ever take a little, not really a huge gravy person. Mashed potatoes? Well…maybe..I really love them…but they are just potatoes……hmmm PIE! Maybe I’m afraid of not controlling myself around pie?  There won’t be much…my family doesn’t go overboard. A slice or two? That won’t make my weight go up. Especially after making smart choices all week and through out the day.

I guess I don’t want to even put it out there that my week could be messed up, admit that I might make a mistake, that I might eat too much for Thanksgiving….I won’t have to even risk it if I don’t weigh myself  the day after Thanksgiving, or plan not to weigh myself…then it won’t matter what happens I can tell myself I’ve been good without even trying.


I know what I should do….

Not sure what I will do…hrmmm..

This post was supposed to convince me to do the right thing…which I probably will do I just can’t promise it to myself just yet.

<3 Merbear


  2 Responses to “I think I’m ready for Thanksgiving and then…”

  1. I’ve been avoiding the scale lately. I know I’m not doing well. I’ll weigh in Friday morning if you weigh in Friday morning! (p.s. This means I’ll be bringing my scale to my parents’ house for continuity’s sake)

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