Nov 102011

Well, my body is fighting weight loss. While I can build my strength, my lungs and trim up due to tighter and strong muscles…I’m just not dropping weight like I should. I also count my calories and stay within 100 calories of my goal every day.

My trainer asked me this morning if I’d been losing weight, I told her it seems like I’m still staying the same…maybe 1 lb every few weeks or so, if that. We went over my calorie goals and the foods that I’m eating and well, then we discovered the problem and its going to be a big change for me.

This seems logical but its not what I’m used to doing and I’m not sure about anyone else, but almost everyone I know eats their big meal in the evening. Well, even though I’m in my calories, this is a big mistake. What do we do usually after dinner? We relax, we lounge, we go to bed….does our body really need that much fuel to burn to do those things? No. So what happens…it stores it.

So while I can definitely cover my "physical" need for fuel by doing what my trainer wants me to do: biggest meal is breakfast because we have the most of the day left, 2nd biggest meal is lunch still have majority of our day left….small meal for dinner…more like a big snack…no more "saving up" for dinner allowed. This will make my brain, my heart, and maybe even my stomach try to trick me with an "emotional" need for food. Ugh, this is gonna be tough. My trainer also asked me to get more protein in my breakfast and lunch, too..that’s kind of a "duh" but I think I wasn’t getting in enough because I was limiting my calories at breakfast and lunch in order to have say, a bigger piece of chicken/fish/meat/turkey what-have-you for dinner. Well, I can’t do that anymore. *SIGH* My body is holding on to weight because I’m not feeding it properly through out the day.

I’m going to have to take the time to make eggs, protein shakes, or cereal (like oatmeal) with protein in it (likely peanut butter/eggs/protein powder, etc). I can get more protein in my lunch be having dinner leftovers saved up for lunch of by cooking extra chicken breasts and stuff that are for lunches. I also need to stay away from stuff like lunch meat cause there is so much crap in them that can make me bloated/dehydrated etc that I can’t do the easy out of lunch meat, boo again. Same goes for frozen dinners, which can have enough protein, but also have too much other stuff that I can’t pronounce.

I need to get on the bandwagon of preparing my meals ahead of time for lunches, like all you smart eaters and planners out there. This is gonna be hard, I think I’ll be drinking lots of water and tea after dinner until I go to bed for awhile. I cannot take away my night time Skinny Cow or other mini portion controlled treat, but I will be eating smaller dinners.

Does this story/plan ring true for anyone else?

Does my plight of counting calories but eating them in the wrong order sound like that could be my issue?

Hmm, maybe my dependence on a bigger evening meal and a snack is something I need to talk to a therapist about? Or is it just cuz I grew up that way?

<3 Merbear

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  1. Eating a big meal at dinner is something we’ve all grown up with and we all know. It will probably take small changes to get used to it! It makes more sense (logically) to have those bigger things during the day when your body is moving and working than at dinner when you’ll remain sedentary the rest of the night!

    The past couple of weeks, I sat down on Saturday morning and made plans. It was easier to turn down happy hour when I knew I had dinner planned out! I brought snacks and told myself I could eat as much as I want at work (m y hardest thing is sitting at a desk all day and wanting to stuff my face!), but as long as they were healthy. SO I loaded up on pears, peaches, 100cal packs of popcorn, popchips, bananas… and would snack til I was stuffed! All in all, try to be diligent about making a plan and sticking to it. That really did help me as far as clarity and not feeling so rushed or stressed at lunch when I dind’t know what to have so I’d just pop over to the caf and have a burger or the daily special, naturally loaded with sodium and other fun things.

    can’t wait to chat more on Saturday.

    • Sabrina – its so tough for you with assigned breaks, no food in the sales area, and no way to cook stuff 🙁

      Leah – I think I’ve got the lunch planning down, I will have to cook.ahead to have more protein. I will also have to get up earlier in the morning I think cuz healthy breakfasts usually aren’t very portable unless I’m eating hard boiled eggs, can’t eat that every day! Dinner will definitely require meal plans, so I have enough protein and I don’t eat too much! Yes, looking forward to chatting more on Sat @Nina’s!

  2. At my last yearly my Dr and I talked about my weight. She basically told me the same thing. Breakfast needs to be my biggest meal of the day with lots of protein. Lunch should be smaller, and dinner even smaller (calorie wise) but still eat proper foods. 2-3 snacks during the day. That plan worked until I started working retail.

  3. A suggestion for adding protein to breakfast and lunch: hard-boiled eggs. They’re a simple way to add protein without having to think too much about it — crack one open to have in addition to oatmeal, slice one up on top of a salad. I love them! If you have high cholesterol or a family history, you’ll likely want to watch how many you eat in a day/week, though.

    I’ve also been forced to eat smaller dinners, but for me it’s a matter of space. I had a hard time letting go of large portions for dinner, so I started using a smaller plate. I know it sounds silly, but seeing a full plate makes me feel like I’m eating a lot so it helps me to mentally adjust to my physical needs. That and I don’t have to worry about eating too much and being uncomfortable when I go to bed.

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