Oct 122011

My week has been going well. Over the hump day and moving closer to the weekend.

Last week was really tough for me emotionally, so I’m glad this week is just…normal…some might say boring…but I say its healthy and good for my heart and mind.

I have a new work schedule that jumps around my shifts as well as a lot of work learning about my new love, social media marketing.  Which means that the nights that I work later, I stay up later working on my marketing, which is usually followed by an early day at my full time job. This has resulted in me coming home from work, maybe eating and then taking a nap before hitting the gym.

Even though the schedule is kind of funky, I’ve been able to manage my eating, exercise and sleeping pretty well…which are all pretty important to losing weight (yes the sleeping, too!)

I make sure and have lots of easy to eat and healthy foods on hand for snacking. I’m really liking single serving hummus, Wholly Gucamole 100 calorie single servings, measured out pita chips and pretzels!  I also have lots of hand fruits of course, too….apples are obviously awesome right now.  The SweeTangos really do rock! Crunchy, juicy and tangy!

I am really feeling the effects and physically and mentally of eating as clean as I can, sticking to the basics, drinking lots of water and sticking to my guns with alcohol no more than once a week.

I do wish I got a little more exercise in this week, but I did lift weights this evening, I’ll be doing yoga on Thursday night and on Saturday morning I’m taking a bootcamp class for personal training clients only, so its a small group of people who know what they are doing!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Tell me about what you like about your week?

<3 Merbear

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  1. My week has been pretty uneventful – which is just fine by me!! I worked out with my trainer Tuesday and Wednesday. He likes to do muscle confusion a lot and believe me, sometimes the biggest muscle that is confused is my brain! So, I just don’t think about it 🙂 I do the exercises and don’t ask questions and when my 60 minutes are up, I come home and slip into the shower and do my few little chores that I have daily and then I slip under the covers and I am totally out – yay!!!

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