Sep 222011

Yesss!! I’m back at full power!

Man it felt crappy to be tired, feverish, vomiting or dehydrated over the last couple weeks.  I think I’ve nipped this in the bud! For the first time in two weeks I will be attending BOTH of my personal trainer sessions and I am back to running! (Remember I tried last week and almost fell off the treadmill?)

It feels so good to have my arms and core a bit sore still from my Tuesday session and I’m looking forward to powering through some legs this morning! Then, to the second session of my first ever yoga class after work!  I’m so excited to learn more and get better, and for that lovely lovely corpse pose and relaxation at the end of the session.  I picked up some looser/lighter clothing for class so hopefully I won’t get sweaty palms and feet like I did last week.  I was doing great with the poses but towards the end my feet were wet and slipping!  Maybe it was a heat thing, so now I’ve even got my own sweat towel. Corryn let me borrow hers last week and wouldn’t let me take it home to wash it, eeew, hahaha, nice of her to take care of it  and help me out 🙂

I hope my illness on Saturday was due to a bit off not so great food or a slight bug and not my body purging *toxins*. I’m going to mention it to the yoga instructor, but I doubt any effect of yoga would be that severe. If it is, well I guess I was really toxic!

So I’ve got healthiness all covered for today, then on Friday I hope to get a run in at the gym before they close in the evening.  Then another run on Sunday, thus finishing week 1 of Bridge to 10K. There, I typed it out, so I’m gonna do it….Run on Friday and on Sunday…doooo iiit! I still haven’t looked at cooler weather running gear…I need to get on that…still open to suggestions! Where to shop? What to buy? I’m a freeze baby but I just love it outside!

I’m also successfully trimming down my social calendar.  Unfortunately I had to turn down an offer of a free brunch and conversation with lovely ladies on Saturday, but its for the best. Otherwise I’d have a day with 4 events and a chiropractor session in the middle (which even makes me cut short one event and have to run to the appointment!) I think I significantly kept my Saturday low-stress by turning down an oh-so tempting, really wanted to go brunch.  It looks like I’m basically keeping my Friday nights low profile because for the next few weeks I have Saturday plans…I think this is a good idea, to balance between Friday and Saturday, have one of those evenings at home to just focus back on myself.

Alright! Onward!

<3 Merbear

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