Sep 202011

On Thursday night I went to yoga for the first time ever.  The only other time I had ever tried yoga was a video from a friend and I couldn’t figure it out. Mostly because a lot of poses you keep your head down, but I didn’t know them so I had to stop and look all the time, plus I didn’t even know if I was doing them right. So I was frustrated and doing yoga and becoming frustrated is not the goal, so I decided not to pursue it anymore.

Years later, yoga is super popular again, there is tons of it…the kind that burns tons of calories, the kind that is “hot”, yoga for certain ailments or for pregnancy, etc etc.  I’d been hearing a new twist on yoga, that its good for people working on healthier lifestyles including weight loss, better nutrition, and de-stressing..ding ding we have a winner, as you know I am working on ALL of these goals!

But why does yoga help with these things? I read and talked with experienced folks about how yoga makes you aware of your thoughts, your breath, each part of your body. It tunes you in to sore muscles, upset tummies, and overworked brains. Its supposed to help you focus on those and release them with the practice of methodical movements and the study of your breath, just that focus your movements and your breath.

I knew yoga would be fun and my friend @Corryn suggested that we both take a Beginning Yoga course at a little studio here in Minneapolis called One Yoga they are a non-profit organization. A portion of the fees you pay to take classes go back to the community, to make yoga accessible to everyone, of all income levels and abilities to pay. We loved this, plus the fact that this class, was specifically for beginners, the instructor, started from the very beginning, explaining props, the reasons we were doing certain movements, naming the movements, giving us pointers walking around the class, etc.

After class my body was so at peace, Corryn agreed. I felt clear headed and loose, I slept like a baby on Thursday night. I felt good when I woke up Friday morning, like really good.  I’m looking forward to learning more.

Have you tried something new and been totally blown away like this? Yay for new things!

Anything else I should try (keeping in mind I don’t want too full of a schedule!)

<3 Merbear

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  1. Hey Mer-

    First off, just so you know…Google Reader isn’t picking up your blog right now…I just realized that and missed several posts, but I’ll catch up!

    I enjoy yoga, but I don’t get a chance to do it very often. My gym offers yoga classes, but not at times I can usually make. I have a great video, but that would mean having to find 30 quiet, uninterrupted minutes and, again, that doesn’t happen either.

    I did try Zumba last night. I can’t say I was blown away, but I am going to try it a couple more times before I make up my mind.

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